Barbara Ann Walters ~ Class of 1972

Barbara Ann Walters ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 10/28/1971

For years I had been in search of information about the names listed in a memoriam in the back of 1972 Erawan. It turned out I actually knew Barbara’s little sister Dorothy. Dorothy was kind enough to share these pictures of her Ann. It is my understanding that Barbara was found in her room unresponsive. She was on life support for about one week when her dad had her removed and she passed away with no cause of death ever determined.

David Wilkerson ’71

Ralph Tarquino Wrote:

Those of us who lived at Maharaja Court in late 1970 knew her as Ann Walters. Funny, sharp, loved to dance. The song, ‘Still waters(run deep)’ by the Four Tops was a favorite.

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