Steven Wayne Mendenhall ~ Class of 1978

Steven Mendenhall ~ Class of 1978

Arrived ~ 12/1/1959

Departed ~ 11/18/2023

11/18/23 – Lovingly posted by his sister Sandra Mendenhall Davis

Yesterday, God called one of his angels home. My brother, Steven Mendenhall, had his tenth heart attack, but he didn’t survive this one. Our hearts are aching. Words fail to describe how much we loved this man. He was teaching his class the day before he died. He always made people laugh, he cared so much for his students that he was repeatedly chosen as Teacher of the year. He went into the Navy when he was 17 and stayed in nearly 20 years before “retiring” and starting his second career as a teacher.

Steven Mendenhall Obituary

Steven Wayne Mendenhall was loved and admired by those who knew him. He was the sixth child born from the union of Lauren D. and Anna L. Mendenhall on December 1, 1959 in Fredericktown, Missouri.

In 1960, his parents divorced and his father, Lauren met and married Paula June Spiro in 1961. Paula raised Steven and his minor siblings. Lauren and Paula had a total of eleven children collectively. Being a part of a large family had its rewards. He enjoyed planting crops with the family in the Spring and harvesting them in the Fall to sell to the community. Having that entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age – – Steven realized that hard work can reap great rewards, because his parents would use some of the profit from the farm harvest to take, he and his siblings to Disneyland.

In 1966, at the age of seven, Steve’s parents moved most of the family to Bangkok, Thailand (Thai) for a job opportunity. This was an interesting and very significant transition for the entire family as they moved to Thailand. Steven attended Elementary School at the International School of Bangkok. Life changed substantially for the entire family as they immersed themselves in this new and exciting culture. Servants were hired to care for the family to take care of responsibilities previously assigned to the children. This experience challenged and encouraged Steven to learn as much as possible about the Thai language, culture and explore the possibilities of other cultures. While in Thailand, Steven became an Eagle Boy Scout which helped to mold his future. Steve’s thirst for knowledge and travel resulted in extensive and exciting travel adventures which were led by his mother, Paula. In 1972, the family moved back to the United States to Midwest City, Oklahoma.

During his childhood, Steven appreciated the simple things in life, such as eating “Goldenrod Egg Sandwiches” on Easter morning, playing tennis with their grandfather, making Christmas presents for the family, gathering around the organ in the evening to sing Christmas Carols and when the weather was warm, they loved playing hide and seek, kick the can, several sports and numerous board games.

At age sixteen (1976), Steve joined and began serving in the United States Navy. This was an exciting and remarkable time for him as he held numerous responsibilities: Aircraft Logbook Yeoman, Aviation Maintenance Administrative-man, Data Analyst, First Class Petty Officer, Informix/Unix Data Base Administrator, Production Control Supervisor. In his service: Awarded Two Navy Achievement Medals. Tours: Desert Storm Veteran.

While in the military, Steve met and married Debbie Rivers and from their union they had three children (Steven, David and Michelle). After twenty years in the Navy, Steve and Debbie divorced. Recognizing that he had to actualize his academic dreams, he pursued and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Special Education from Nova Southeastern University and he also became an Ordained Minister.

In 2009, Steven met Richelle Glascoe. They instantly recognized they had much in common. Both were seekers of education, wisdom and persons who sought to pursue excellence in what they sought to accomplish, as well as to encourage others to identify the very best in themselves. They had almost fifteen years together. Richelle loved Steven Wayne Mendenhall profusely and felt so blessed to have found him!

Steven was a walking Dictionary and/or Encyclopedia. Whenever there was a question, he generally had the answer. Outside of his love for God, Richelle and his family, Steven loved the New York METS baseball team. Because of his love for baseball, Steve was excited about his children (Steven, David, Michelle, William), grandson (Santino) and great-grand daughter (Alayna) playing t-ball/baseball. He also coached on several of the teams.
Not only was baseball a major part of Steve’s life but as an Eagle Boy Scout, Steven was proud that his son, William, “followed in his footsteps” and became a Boy Scout as well.

Steven loved teaching. He loved his students. He loved the academic environment but more important, the students loved him. After twenty years of teaching for Duval County Public Schools, Steve did an exceptional job helping his students excel. He had a charismatic and funny personality that people were drawn to. He also enjoyed playing Santa Claus at Christmas and riding on the trolley in St. Augustine waving at everyone saying “Ho-Ho-Ho”. The kids would get so excited and so would Steve. His goal in life was to be a God-fearing man, provide security and stability for his family, travel, laugh and enjoy life to the fullest with his wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

He was affectionately referred to as “Steven Little Wayne” and “Dad” via his children, “Crampa” and “Grampie” by grandchildren/great grandchildren and “Hubby” by his wife, Richelle. Steve was an exceptional man who was a wealth of knowledge and loved to share his love for history. He was a true comedic and the Mendenhall home was filled with love and laughter. His favorite pastime was reading, watching documentaries, traveling, “telling dad jokes/puns”, dancing and having fun which led to laughter from those around him! He will be missed!!! Steven was a rare jewel!

After a long and hard-fought battle with health issues, Steven passed away on Saturday, November 18, 2023. He leaves to mourn his wife, Richelle Mendenhall; children, Steven Mendenhall (Paulina), David Mendenhall (Sarah), Michelle (Mendenhall) McCarthy; bonus children, Carey Seymore, William Seymore and Cailyn Stewart; grandchildren, Makayla Mendenhall-Smith (Antonio), Alissa Mendenhall, Steven Mendenhall, Santino Brooks, Giselle Christopher, Brielle Christopher, and Ryker Christopher; great-grandchildren, Alayna Kogut and Antonio Smith, III; his mother-in-law, Betty Glascoe; siblings, Cherlene Golitz, Bruce Mendenhall (Zecely), Darrell Devore (Debbie), Dennis DeVore, Sandra Davis, Glenn Mendenhall, Lorna Rogers (Larry), and Todd Mendenhall (Valerie). Other family and friends who celebrate his life are Shem Israel, Carletta Reid and Lori Ann Bradford; god-daughter, Nancy Slay; adopted granddaughter, Amy Vidacak; nieces, nephews, cousins, many other family and friends. Proceeding Steve’s passing were his parents, Lauren Mendenhall, Anna Mendenhall, Paula Mendenhall; and brothers, Gary Mendenhall and Mark Mendenhall.


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Horst Flotow ~ Class of 1979

Horst Flotow ~ Class of 1979

Arrived ~ 1/2/1961

Departed ~ 12/18/2023

Lovingly posted by his wife, Sue Flotow
December 23, 2023

Goodbye to my darling Horst: 2 January 1961-19 December 2023

On Tuesday, we lost our beloved Horst as he moved on from this world after a 12 month valiant effort against a not so common cancer that manifested in a not so common place. Despite being told this was terminal from day one, my oft bloody-minded Horst refused to accept that this diagnosis was all there was. His determination to understand more than the physical, more about the metaphysical, our husband and father endured 10 months of non-stop chemotherapy to curtail the physical side of it, while he sought out all he could about the potential in the energy of this world.

With the primary cancer found in his oesophagus, and metastases into his liver, stomach and lung, he was restricted to such drastic treatment in an effort to eat, and of course, to have more time with us. Travel, however, was severely limited due to this esophageal blockage, despite hoping we could do so. We managed one trip in May: to Slovenia where he saw a Ural Owl, a first for him, and he was very happy. So was I. After four different types of chemicals and regimes being tried, nothing could halt the spread. Small-cell Neuro Endocrine Tumors are fast replicators and highly mobile. With so few cases occurring in the world, treatment options were always experimental. He stopped all treatment at the end of October. His decline, thereafter, was all too swift. How he endured 12 months of this colossal assault, I cannot tell you, other than his sheer bloody-mindedness.

Horst was an outlier, and I loved him dearly for it, even though it was not always easy. His love and respect for nature defined his life, and sometimes ours. The destruction of habitat for his beloved birds, animals big and small, caused him such a sadness. His career as a biologist and biochemist was to satisfy his intelligence and curiosity, the challenge to find novel medicines to help humankind in the future ignited his purpose. But his heart belonged to the jungles, forests and anywhere he could find the world’s fauna on this planet, where his first true love was found and remained.

Horst was a good man. An honest, kind, loyal and supportive man. He was also a funny man, a gentle and respectful man. It was my privilege to be by his side for over 38 years. Somehow, I have to go on without him by my side. Our dear daughters will help me, as I help them.

He lived a life in alignment with who he was. He was at peace, and full of gratitude for his life. These are intertwined and a lesson for us all.

To my friends around the world who have supported me over the last 12 months, I deeply thank you. There are only so many people one can share with regularly while caring for someone so ill. This message is for all of you who knew us, laughed with us, wondered at us, and experienced life with us. Thank you.

We’ll skip Christmas again this year. Nevertheless, I do wish you all a happy Christmas time with family and friends. Treasure them.
With love, Sue, Estella and Renata

This is Sabine Anderson his sister(Flotow)

I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and condolences to the Post John shared for me. Horst and I loved going to ISB. He graduated in 79 and myself in 82. He loved the nature of Thailand and most of all his birds. He will be missed by my parents and I.

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Meredith Leigh Crocker Peters ~ 1977

Meredith Crocker ~ 1977

Arrived ~ 2/13/1959

Departed ~ 11/29/2017


Meredith L. Peters, 58, of Round Pond, ME, passed away on November 29, 2017 at the Maine Medical Center in Portland. Born on February 13, 1959 in Altus, Oklahoma, she was the daughter of Patricia and Hobart Crocker, Jr.

She attended Nauset Regional High School, and graduated from Cape Cod Community College with a degree in nursing. Meredith loved nature, her family and traveling.

She is survived by her husband of 24 years, Kenneth Peters of Round Pond; two children, daughter, Cydney Brown of Fall River, MA; and son, Paul Hart of Westbrook, ME; brother, Jeffrey Crocker; stepmother, Mildred Crocker; step brother, Timothy Jackson; and five grandchildren, Ethan, Raeanna, Benjamin, Cason, and Malia.

A private service will be held at the convenience of the family.

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Bobbie Morgan Dhyne ~ Class of 1977

Bobbie Morgan ~ Class of 1977

Arrived ~ 3/18/1959

Departed ~ 9/28/2023

Lovingly reported by her brother Doug Ellyson (Morgan)

This is how I choose to always remember my sister Bobbie (Bobbie Dhyne, 3/18/59 – 9/28/23). She occasionally took me on “adventures” and this pic is from a photo booth at a carnival. She was the life of every party, brightened the mood when she walked into a room, and overflowed with love and compassion for everyone she encountered. In recent years we spoke at least once a week, and she’d often ask me how each of my family members are doing, specifically – not just the generic “I hope everyone is doing well” – she’d name each of my family members and ask about them, plus other topics. Many times, she functioned as the family communicator – if you had news for the family, just tell Bobbie and within an hour she’d notify everyone else. I don’t know what else to say that isn’t too personal or hard to put into words – suffice to say I am glad that my last contact with her was recent, positive, and loving. I will miss her very much. I’m glad she’s no longer burdened with her chronic pain and vision issues, and can join her beloved Phil, our parents, and our brother Mike, in eternal peace.

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Lloyd Geoffrey Young ~ Class of 1967

Geoff Young ~ Class of 1967
Arrived ~ 5/1/1949

Departed ~ 1/31/2019

Lovingly reported by Pam Slutz through Vince Bennett.


Lloyd Geoffrey Young
MAY 1, 1949 – JANUARY 31, 2019

YOUNG, Lloyd Geoffrey “Geoff” 69, passed away unexpectedly January 31, 2019. Geoff was born May 2, 1949 in Manhattan Beach, California to Stanley Young and Bernice Shupe Young. After growing up in Japan, Kenya, Thailand, and the Philippines, Geoff returned to the United States to attend college at Claremont McKenna College in California and then law school at Levin College of Law at the University of Florida. Geoff practiced law in St. Petersburg and Tampa for over 40 years, building a successful real estate and bank oriented practice. Geoff had a wide range of interests in life, all of which he pursued enthusiastically. Those included a lifelong love of the water, boating, and scuba diving. Geoff’s love of scuba diving in Mexico led him to cenote diving in the cave systems of the Yucatan peninsula. There, he befriended Guillermo “Memo” de Anda, a professor of underwater archeology. This friendship led Geoff to participate in and underwrite, with funds and equipment, explorative expeditions that led to valuable discoveries and preservation of ancient Mayan civilization. Friends will remember Geoff for his intense loyalty, his exuberance for life, his wit (often expressed through incisive cartoon drawings), his love of fine wine, and his appreciation of beauty, exemplified in his wife, Melisa, his constant partner in the water, on the tennis court, and at the drawing table, where together they designed their dream home on St. Pete

Beach. With his passing, the world lost a vastly unique, generous, kind, and caring person. He will be missed beyond words. Geoff is survived by his loving wife, Melisa Ann French; his daughter, Alisa Heedy (David); his stepson, David; his brother, Jordan; Jordan’s wife, Bettie; and their three children, Jordan Keith, Shea, and Troy; and his half-brother, Wayne. The family will be hosting a Celebration of Life for Geoff Saturday, February 23, 2019, 1-4 pm, at the TradeWinds Resort, 5500 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach, FL 33706. Anyone wishing to remember Geoff with a donation may make one in his name to the SPCA Tampa Bay, 9099 130th Ave. N., Largo, FL 33773. Arrangements by Beach Memorial Chapel, St Pete Beach 360-5577. The family requests that attendees dress in beach casual attire. Complimentary free self parking at the TradeWinds Resort. The location of the Life Celebration is at the South Beach Lawn of the TradeWinds Resort. Light hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be provided.

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James Parkinson Matisin ~ Class of 1969

JamesJim” Matisin ~ Class of 1969

Arrived ~ 7/23/1951

Departed ~ 7/26/23

Throwback Thursday! World Conference Coach Jamie Matisin, as coach (left) and Gordon Rutledge (father of current Commissioner Greg Rutledge), Sponsor (right) – Singapore American Football League circa 1979-82

Vikings won the Championship (see trophy in background). They played on the football field at the SAS Ulu Pandan Campus, K-8. The building is still there but is now occupied by Nexus International School.

James Parkinson Matisin Wrote:
This was my first year as Head Coach of the Vikings. 1981. Don’t remember the shorts being so pink. Or me ever being that skinny!

SAFL – Home of American Football in Singapore

With a sad heart, the SAFL shares that we have lost Coach Jamie Matisin. For over 40 years he has coached and/or officiated 1000’s of youth football players in Singapore. Coach Matisin passed away 26th July after a battle with cancer & covid. Even while sick, he was still giving back as officiating advisor for our last international games with the Emirates American Football League in April. I ask the global SAFL community to open your generous arms and give Coach’s Family a hug and the help they need. To learn more and donate, please visit our crowd funding page at
A call to our global SAFL Alumni, please share with your personal networks which have played in the SAFL.

Coach Matisin’s family needs your support and every donation will help cover his final medical and funeral costs. Coach’s family needs your support!!!

Jeff Majestic SAFL Commissioner and Friend of Coach Matisin for questions about how to help Coach’s Family

Campaign Story

To all Donors and Friends ,

James Parkinson Matisin, better known as Jamie, or simply, Coach, sadly passed away on July 26th. His wife Sheryl and son’s Ben and Ryan are now in need of as much assistance as they can get.

Jamie moved to Singapore from the United States in 1976 at just 25 years old. In the 47 years that he spent in Singapore, he gave much to the community including more than 40 years volunteering in SACAC’s youth football programme where he coached the values of hard-work, discipline, responsibility and teamwork to hundreds of kids.

In 2019, Jamie was first diagnosed with stage 1 colon cancer, which he managed to beat. However, shortly thereafter, he developed blood cancer (Myelofibrosis) that ultimately developed into Leukemia. After two years of relatively good health and fighting the good fight, a bout with COVID led to complications and his condition rapidly deteriorated.

Due to his rapid decline, Jamie’s family were unable to make the necessary preparations and are in need of immediate financial assistance.

Medical bills and funeral costs alone exceed 80k after subsidies. As Jamie had not been able to work, rent, school fees and utility bills have been unpaid for months. Jamie’s wife, Sheryl, is now at a loss of how she is going to cope.

By God’s grace, the family is appealing for any financial support you can afford. All donations will go to pay for the medical expenses, outstanding bills and to help the family adjust to life without Jamie.

Any amount will be of great help. Please keep Jamie’s family in your prayers & may God bless you all.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out please email josh nobles at:

Jeff Majestic SAFL Commissioner and Friend of Coach Matisin for questions about how to help Coach’s Family

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Matthew Waddell ~ Class of 1983

Matthew Waddell ~ Class of 1983

Arrived ~ 3/8/1965

Departed ~ 11/9/2022

Matthew Waddell was born in Phoenix, AZ. on 03/08/1965 and passed on 11/09/2023. He is survived by his wife Sandee Preyachat Waddell, Mom, Merilyn Franz, brothers, Bill, Mark, and Jack Waddell, and a large extended family.

Matthew lived in Arizona until 1981 when he entered, International School Bangkok, due to his mom and stepdad becoming part of the ISB faculty. He was an early graduate in his Senior year returning to the States. However, his love for Thailand and travel had become part of his “free spirit.”

A large part of Matt’s life was spent “globe-hopping.” New Orleans, Louisiana became his home base until returning to Thailand. in 2013 where he met and married Sandee. They opened a beach restaurant in Krabi, Thailand.

Due to Covid, Matt and Sandee returned to the States. Sandee returned to Thailand to re-open their restaurant when Matthew was diagnosed with cancer. He was flying to visit Thailand before scheduled experimental surgery at UCSF Cancer Center; He died in flight. Matthew was put to sea in his beloved Thailand.

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Michael McCutcheon ~ Class of 1974

Michael McCutcheon ~ Class of 1974

Arrived ~ 6/12/1956

Departed ~ 2/2/2021

Lovingly submitted by his brother Steve McCutcheon

Michael William McCutcheon, died February 2nd, 2021 from a stroke. He was a member of the 1974 ISB class. Mike graduated with a Masters in Psychology and was a clinical psychologist working for the state of California until 2007 when he moved to Montana and opened his own practice in Kalispell. He retired in 2018 and moved back to California to be near his family.

Michael William McCutcheon

June 12, 1956 ~ February 2, 2021 (age 64)


We are sad to announce that on February 2, 2021, we had to say goodbye to Michael McCutcheon. Family and friends can light a candle as a loving gesture for their loved one. Leave a sympathy message to the family in the guestbook on this memorial page of Michael McCutcheon to show support

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