Bartlett “Bart” Alexander McLennan Woodward ~ Class of 1971

Bart Woodward ~ Class of 1971

Arrived ~ April 1, 1953

Departed ~ April 2, 2022

Bartlett Alexander McLennan Woodward


A Foreign Service brat, Bart was born to Keith and Hugh Woodward in Bern, Switzerland on April 1, 1953. His childhood was spent in La Paz, Bolivia, Bonn and Bremen, Germany, and he went to high school in Bangkok, Thailand. Bart attended college at Case Western Reserve University, where he met Lisa Soule (he needed a housemate, and she answered the ad); he graduated with a double degree in Political Science and Communications.

Following graduation, Bart stayed on for a year as the Assistant to the Vice President of the University, then followed his dreams into advertising. After one too many freezing Cleveland winters, he returned to his home-between-posts of Washington, DC, where he and Lisa settled in Bethesda, MD. They were married in 1983, and their identical twins Diana and Corinne were born in 1986, followed by Ali in 1989.

Bart continued his work in advertising and communications, working for various ad agencies and production companies until going out on his own as a freelance writer and producer. He had a combined 30+ years of experience in video producing, and script writing for non-fiction promotional videos, winning numerous awards throughout his career. His clients included NASA, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, US Army, Planned Parenthood, numerous non-profit associations, government agencies, and universities.

His skills at interviewing and script writing were the hallmarks of his professional work; at home, he was an excellent listener and storyteller. He was a practical, logical thinker when it came to life advice. He taught his daughters those skills, imparting to them the confidence to be independent and to think for themselves. But he also knew how to engage with his family on an emotional level, and to offer unconditional love and support when it was most needed.

Bart couldn’t let a day go by without solving multiple Sudoku puzzles. He could also be found reading novels and listening to his favorite music in his home office. He enjoyed riding his big tire bike around Rehoboth, and loved driving his Chevrolet Camaro convertible. His dogs were his favorite passengers as they didn’t complain about the wind messing up their hair.

Bart is survived by his wife and daughters, his “terrible terriers,” and his brother Christopher.

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