Michael Gerson ~ Class of 1959

Michael “Mike” Gerson ~ Class of 1959

Departed ~ 10/27/2011

Monique Gerson ’84 wrote:
He was my father and passed away on 10/27/2010 from heart congestion. Sidney is my first cousin. Sidney’s father was my father’s older brother. My dad was a great man and I miss him every day.

Sidney Gerson ’72 wrote:

Mike (Mickey) was my uncle. There is pictures in a year book from when he was at ISB. I think he was class of ’59 but actually graduated from Worcester Academy. He said the hardest class he ever took was Latin with my mother as the teacher. She did the same to me so no one could say she was playing favorites.

Mike class of ’59 and daughter Monique class of ’84.


You are missing a couple of past individuals. When I was in 12th grade, Michael Gerson was in 10th grade. He WAS a great kid! He passed away several years ago. His nephew Sidney Gerson of ISB could give you more info on Mike. Barbara Harris was in my class and she died around 50 years old of cancer. I don’t have her married name.

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