Michael Gerson ~ Class of 1959

Michael “Mike” Gerson ~ Class of 1959

Departed ~ 10/27/2011

Monique Gerson ’84 wrote:
He was my father and passed away on 10/27/2010 from heart congestion. Sidney is my first cousin. Sidney’s father was my father’s older brother. My dad was a great man and I miss him every day.

Sidney Gerson ’72 wrote:

Mike (Mickey) was my uncle. There is pictures in a year book from when he was at ISB. I think he was class of ’59 but actually graduated from Worcester Academy. He said the hardest class he ever took was Latin with my mother as the teacher. She did the same to me so no one could say she was playing favorites.

Mike class of ’59 and daughter Monique class of ’84.


You are missing a couple of past individuals. When I was in 12th grade, Michael Gerson was in 10th grade. He WAS a great kid! He passed away several years ago. His nephew Sidney Gerson of ISB could give you more info on Mike. Barbara Harris was in my class and she died around 50 years old of cancer. I don’t have her married name.

Best regards,


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George Henry Ellis ~ Class of 1959

George Ellis ~ Class of 1959

Arrived ~ 5/22/1942

Departed ~ 1/12/2021

George Henry Ellis of Pleasant Garden, North Carolina

May 22, 1942 – January 12, 2021

George Henry Ellis, 78, of Pleasant Garden, died Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at Beacon Place in Greensboro. Graveside Service will be 11:00 AM Saturday, January 16 at Chisholm Family Cemetery in Candor, with Rev. Steven Jarman officiating.

Born in Bahia, Brazil on May 22, 1942, the son of Franklin and Elisabeth Roosighn Ellis. He was a computer data processor with the Greensboro City Schools and had served in the US Air Force. George enjoyed flea markets and collecting military antiques.

He is survived by his wife, Joyce Chisholm Ellis of the home; 2 sons, George Franklin Ellis of Archdale and Joseph Thomas Ellis of Waxhaw; daughter, Kristina Ellis Cockman of Limestone TN; 7 grandchildren; 8 great-grandchildren.

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Jimmie Humphries Whitcomb ~ Class of 1959

Jim Whitcomb ~ Class of 1959

Departed ~ 3/16/2021

My name is Jane Whitcomb, widow of Jim Whitcomb. I am writing to tell you Jim Whitcomb deceased 3-16-21.

Jimmie Whitcomb

May 2, 1940 – March 16, 2021

Jimmie grew up as an Army brat, traveling so much he never stayed in one school for over a year. When his father gave him a Brownie camera he turned to photography as his best friend. Photography became his hobby when he found himself in Bangkok, Thailand where he graduated from high school. He had freedom to explore a beautiful tropical wonderland and the opportunity to travel deep into the jungle to meet Dr. Doolittle at his hospital. After high school when his father returned to the USA he joined the Army. His hobby became his vocation as he documented the Vietnam war for Stars and Stripes publication. After Vietnam he worked for OSHA Ariel mapping the US. That led to a job at Zinkgraft Photography in San Antonio, TX as a commercial photographer. He had the great honor to be the photographer at Hemisphere World Fair meeting and documenting in photos major events, dignitaries and super stars.

That led to a job at KLRN TV Station Austin, TX which at that time was owned by Lady Bird Johnson. He was frequently at LBJ Ranch photographing world dignitaries and State Department events alongside Lyndon Baines Johnson and his family. At the time he was commuting from San Antonio to Austin and that was hard on a young and growing family. He found it necessary to move closer to Austin.

About the time of the move he was offered a position with Texas Parks and Wildlife as Photo Editor. Traveling and photo documenting flora and fauna alongside biologists and naturalists was his dream job. He traveled the State of Texas exploring every wonder of nature the State offered. But again he was away from his family so when an opportunity to open his own studio and lab, Image House and Whitcomb Photography, in Austin, TX that became a reality.

In the 1980’s the Austin economy took a downward turn. He was forced to close his business and relocate to Houston, TX as the Director of Photography for United Jewelers. When they closed their doors he moved his business to a well established printer in Houston, TX. About that time digital photography was coming into age. He self-taught himself in the early days of digital and was asked by SONY Corporation to test market their new LEAF commercial digital cameras. He was the US product tester for digital cameras and was first in his field again. He became the LEAF camera consultant and trainer for major companies including Lucky Grocery Stores in California and Kroger in Houston, TX.

During the 1990’s and until his death he owned and operated, Image House, WhitWeb Hosting and Studio Houston, a premier commercial photography studio in Houston, TX and Conroe, TX. His many clients included NASA, Wing Stop, All Star Rod and Reels, Miller Hats, Bill Lewis Lures, Stanley Lures, Hartz Chicken, Chantel Cookware, Borne Saddles as well as design architectural photography.

One of his major personal projects was ‘PAINTED CHURCHES OF TEXAS’ exhibit that ran November 19, 2016 through March 5, 2017 at the UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures which showcased Jimmie’s photography of more than two dozen intricately painted 19th century churches built by immigrants from Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland, France, Spain, Mexico and beyond. Using technology developed for NASA’S Mars Land Rovers, large-scale Gigapan photography, of the painted churches of Texas which revealed astonishing details of Texas’s rich history of immigrant artistry.

Jimmie has published ‘A GUIDE TO PAINTED CHURCHES OF TEXAS,’ A Photographers Journey, Volume #1 with 10 Churches by Jim ‘Whit’ Whitcomb and Jane Fanick Whitcomb.

Jimmie Humphries Whitcomb is survived by Jane Fanick Whitcomb, spouse, four children, son, Guy and Elaine Rosinbaum, three grandchildren, Emily Rosinbaum, Ariel Rosinbaum and Elizabeth Rosinbaum; daughter, Darleen Pooler and Jerry Coesens, three grandchildren, Adam and Liza Sneitzer, Brittany Wagner and Adam Christensen, one great grandchild, and Braxton Pooler; and daughter, Janeece Kessler and Big Dog Ed Talamantez, three grandchildren, Jacob Kessler, James Sandefur, Kyndahl Sandefer and Frankie Ayala; and daughter, Kimberlee and Andrew Dedmon, two children, Tyler and Jaynee Dedmon and Olivia Dedmon.

A service will be held at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery located at 1520 Harry Wurzbach Rd. San Antonio, TX. 78209. The service will be held on May 3rd, 2021 at 2:15pm.

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Robert C. Jacobs ~ Class of 1959

Robert Jacobs ~ Class of 1959

Departed ~ 6/6/2004

Robert Jacobs, lSB Class of 1959 (he attended approximately 1956-1958) was shot dead in the garage of his residence in Riyadh on Tuesday, June 8th. The event was videotaped and run on a sympathetic website; portions were also shown on al-Jazeera TV, based in Quatar. The clip shows Bob being shot 10 times, then the motion of him being beheaded, although this has not been confirmed. Two or three men were involved, and one or two of them are said to be among those killed or apprehended by Saudi authorities over the last couple of days.

I was in Bob Jacobs’ class of ’59 at 1SB, and we got together a few times after we were both back in the Washington, DC area in 1959-60. I spoke with him in about 1997 by phone at his home in Murphysboro, IL and found that he was planning to leave soon for work in Saudi Arabia. I called his home in 2000 to let him know about the Williamsburg, VA reunion, and reached one of his sons who informed me that he was in Saudia Arabia.

I am enclosing some material from the internet that may be of interest.

Best regards,

Bill Brink ISB ’59

Dear ISB Friends:

A death is always saddening to report. This death is particularly so, as this one-time ISB student was gunned down and apparently beheaded by Muslim extremists in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


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