Donna Lou Rochlen Obdyke ~ Class of 1970

Donna Lou Rochlen ~ Class of 1970

Departed ~ 4/21/2021

Helen Stokes Fabricant I am in shock. I have her yearbook ‘69 yearbook (someone has mine) and just a few days ago, I messaged her that I would be glad to send it to her. Oh! This is terrible and sad. If her family wants it, I will be glad to send it. I don’t have any contact information now.  My empathy is with her family. How hard! What a loss.

Obituary for Donna Lou Obdyke

Donna Lou Obdyke, of California, was born on February 3rd 1952 in California, and passed away on April 23rd 2021 in California. She is survived by her loving family.


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