Barbara “Bonnie” Tullar Thompson ~ Class of 1972

Bonnie Tullar ~ Class of 1972

Arrived ~ 5/6/1954

Departed ~ 11/5/2022

Seated in the middle posted by Deborah Bornstein Munoz.

Lovingly Reported by, Deborah Bornstein Munoz

Bonnie Tullar Thompson, Class of ‘72 earned her angel wings on November 5, 2022. Hoping to wish her a happy birthday today, it was a sad shock to see an obituary on her profile. I had not known of this until today. Bonnie was a dear friend, fun and loving, gone far too soon and now I picture her in Heaven with our friend Sarah Ann Vessey 💔. Here’s a picture of Bonnie sitting between Jill McAlvage and Sarah and Ora Brough behind her, a typical weekend scene for us back then. …sending condolences and prayers for comfort and love for all of Bonnie’s friends and family.

Bonnie’s Son, Jared Thompson Lovingly Wrote:

For those of you who did not know my mom personally, this is her. I wanted to share this beautiful photo of her. Nearly 2 weeks it’s been now. I miss you so much.
Bonnie Tullar Thompson
May 6, 1954- November 5, 2022

Bonnie Tullar Thompson
MAY 6, 1954 – NOVEMBER 5, 2022

Barbara (Bonnie) Thompson began life at Ft. Hood in Killeen, Tx. May 6, 1954, and departed this world for the next, on Nov. 5, 2022 at her home in San Antonio. Her parents, Thomas and Dorothy (Dot) Tullar, fulfilled a 26-year Army career, moving Bonnie and her younger sisters, Linda and Sue throughout the world. In doing so, Bonnie was exposed to many cultures and many people which gave her a worldly education all on its own. Bonnie graduated from the International School of Bangkok in 1972 and enrolled at Texas Christian University (TCU). While studying in the field of Social Work, she met and after graduation, married the man who would be the long-time love of her life, Chris.

Together they soon moved to San Antonio, where Bonnie worked in Child Welfare for the State for many years. After their third son was born, she decided to give up Social Work and do the equally rewarding work of raising a family and keeping a welcoming home. She did it all with grace and good cheer.

She is well remembered and already deeply missed. Her sons, Jared, Zach, and Adam Thompson, all survive her and are inspired by her love and devotion. Chris admits to “marrying up” and certainly becoming a better man for it. Bonnie worked tirelessly at St. Matthews United Methodist Church over the years, with Children’s Church, Youth Groups, Vacation Bible School, Boy Scouts and many other efforts. In her passing, many hearts are saddened, but many smiles come forth in any remembrance of her.

In lieu of flowers, please consider Bonnie’s favorite charities. The St. Joseph Indian School, PO Box 100, Chamberlain, South Dakota 57325. Or the Special Needs Ministry of University Methodist Church, 5084 De Zavala Rd, San Antonio, 78249.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Thompson family.

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Patabun Oppusunggu ~ Class of 1972

Patabun Oppusunggu ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 11/7/2011

Patabun Oppusunggu’s sister Kartini Oppusunggu wrote.

I am not sure if our ISB classmates of 1972 know about the passing of my brother Patabun Oppusunggu (Class 1972) on 7 Nov 2011 in Jakarta. He has now joined by our beloved parents, Mami (2013) and Papi (2021).

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Barbara Ann Walters ~ Class of 1972

Barbara Ann Walters ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 10/28/1971

For years I had been in search of information about the names listed in a memoriam in the back of 1972 Erawan. It turned out I actually knew Barbara’s little sister Dorothy. Dorothy was kind enough to share these pictures of her Ann. It is my understanding that Barbara was found in her room unresponsive. She was on life support for about one week when her dad had her removed and she passed away with no cause of death ever determined.

David Wilkerson ’71

Ralph Tarquino Wrote:

Those of us who lived at Maharaja Court in late 1970 knew her as Ann Walters. Funny, sharp, loved to dance. The song, ‘Still waters(run deep)’ by the Four Tops was a favorite.

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Claudia Cooper ~ Class of 1972

 Claudia Cooper ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 2013


John Cooper

Beautiful. Such memories from long ago. My sister Claudia Cooper passed away in 2013. She fought Lupus for years and finally made the choice on her terms to depart. She spent 4 years with ISB, two of those in high school. Had we remained in Bangkok Claudia would have graduated with the class of 1972. She knew Mike Daly, Paul Horgan and many others. I was two years younger, however I fondly remember Mike Daly and Paul Horgan. Thank you for keeping their memories alive.


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Albert Cheung ~ Class of 1972

Albert Cheung ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 8/14/2021

I’m saddened to let you know that Albert Cheung, class of “72” lost his battle with Lung Cancer. Albert died in Chicago, ICU with COPD on August 14, 2021. His services will be Aug 28, 2021 at 11am. Services will be conducted at Simkins Funeral Home in Morton, IL

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Cary Bernard Gabeler ~ Class of 1972


Cary Bernard ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 2/2020

“She Loves You” sung by Cary n Thai recorded by DAW at the ’94 Clearwater Reunion.

“Pepsi Jingle” sung by Cary in Thai recorded by DAW at the 1994 Clearwater reunion.

With great sadness

Dear Friends,

This is an email I never, ever wanted to write, nor did I ever believe I would have to write. 2020 has been incredibly difficult on everyone, that goes without saying. Our family has experienced devastating losses in the last year and a half. Last June 2019, my father, Chad, and Cary’s loving husband of 36 years, passed away from cancer. This was a devastating loss for our family.

My mother, Cary was very private about her own health crises and instead chose to focus on a healing, positive mindset. Cary had been dealing with colon cancer since 2013. After my father’s passing, her health declined over the following 7 months. It is with great sadness to say that my beautiful mother, Cary passed away early February this year. The reason this news is so late is because it’s been a devastating loss for myself and my younger brother, Gabe. It’s still unbelievable writing this letter to you today. Like I said earlier, this is an email I never, ever wanted to write or share with you.

My mother and I were incredibly close. We were not only mother-daughter, but best friends and business partners. Creating Anjolie together was our greatest joy and brought us so much fun and fulfillment. We would high five throughout the day and take dance breaks to break up long periods of sitting at our shared desk. We enjoyed every success, whether it was being featured in Oprah magazine, TV interviews or just talking with our customers on the phone and hearing your personal stories.

Where does that leave Anjolie? If I’ve learned anything over the past 7 years, being a caretaker for both my parents and now navigating life after these losses, is that I have no idea what the future will bring. What I do know is that it was my mother’s (and my) greatest dream to grow this business and bring our products and mission to women all over the country and to create meaningful impact with women entrepreneurs all over the world. Anjolie has brought me so much joy and it is such a delight to be able to connect with you all through social media. I plan to keep Anjolie going, even though it’s also been incredibly painful to think about the future of Anjolie without Cary. I like to think she will help guide the future of Anjolie from wherever she is now.

This holiday season, during these strange, weird, lonely times, I hope you find connection, feel loved and know that you are not alone. I love you all and we will get through this, together, stronger than ever.

Happy (late) Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays. Oh and because it is that time of year and grief has hit me hard, I didn’t prepare for Black Friday/Cyber Monday in the way I have in the past, but I still do want to offer a Cyber Monday deal for you to shop our store. Please use code love20 for 20% off everything in our store. We are sold out of some items, but I hope to get them back in stock as soon as possible.

With love,


  • What a great friend! I loved her smile, laughter, and enthusiasm for life that continued in her life after ISB. Not that I am surprised, that was just Cary. RIP my friend.
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