Jocelyn Araceli Aromin Panglao ~ Class of 1971

Jocelyn “Jo” Aromin ~ Class of 1971

Arrived ~ 7/10/1953

Departed ~ 7/3/1995

Jocelyn Araceli Aromin Panglao
10 July 1953 – 3 July 1995

Jocelyn, or simply Jo, was a beautiful soul, so cool to chill with, kind and generous, quiet, and profound, she easily became my favorite sister since we were young living in Bangkok. Jo gave so much of herself to her family, to me especially, the youngest. I can say I first learned about life’s Ferris wheel from her. Jo lived in Baguio City, the mountain province and summer capital of the Philippines, attending college at UP Baguio. But during Martial Law, her boyfriend then, Domy Panglao, and she stopped going to school and got married. Many students in UP stopped school during ML, they couldn’t take the government oppression. Our family was still living in Bangkok at that time. Jo and Domy were pretty much on their own in Baguio, raising three handsome boys, all cool to the bone just like their parents. I would visit them often during my college years and babysit their kids. She had a silver store near Burnham Park, making custom made jewelry. I would buy loose gems for her when I would visit our parents in Bangkok.

Jo loved life, her family, the simplicity of being. She listened to classical music, liked green, read novels, and wrote journals. Jo was a free spirit in high school, she used to climb down the patio wall and go out with her friends, doing things some kids in ISB would do and be sent home. This was the groovy 60s! She was a great mother to Anton, Alessandro, and Emmanuel, learning how to be a homemaker as she went along, from the age of 19. Her life was short, too short, dying at the age of 42. We still miss her. God bless her always.

By Divina Aromin Diokno

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