Patabun Oppusunggu ~ Class of 1972

Patabun Oppusunggu ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 11/7/2011

Patabun Oppusunggu’s sister Kartini Oppusunggu wrote.

I am not sure if our ISB classmates of 1972 know about the passing of my brother Patabun Oppusunggu (Class 1972) on 7 Nov 2011 in Jakarta. He has now joined by our beloved parents, Mami (2013) and Papi (2021).

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Claudia Cooper ~ Class of 1972

 Claudia Cooper ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 2013

John Cooper

Beautiful. Such memories from long ago. My sister Claudia Cooper passed away in 2013. She fought Lupus for years and finally made the choice on her terms to depart. She spent 4 years with ISB, two of those in high school. Had we remained in Bangkok Claudia would have graduated with the class of 1972. She knew Mike Daly, Paul Horgan and many others. I was two years younger, however I fondly remember Mike Daly and Paul Horgan. Thank you for keeping their memories alive.

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Mr. Dempsey Wesley Morgan ~ ISB Faculty 1959-1961


Mr. Dempsey Wesley Morgan ~ ISB Faculty 1959-61

Departed ~ 4/11/2013


Dempsey Wesley Morgan Jr., Tuskegee Airman, 93, of Roanoke, Virginia passed away on Thursday, April 11, 2013, following an extended illness. A native of Detroit, Michigan, he was born on March 1, 1920, the son of the late Dempsey Matthew and Pope Morgan.The impossible tasks of attempting to place the global experiences and influences of First Lieutenant Dempsey Morgan into a few words or even a few pages is an impossible one. First Lieutenant Morgan is most famously known in recent years for his stellar performances as a member of the 332nd Fighter Group and 100th Fighter Squadron of the Historic Tuskegee Airman. During his four years of service he received numerous citations including the Certificate of Valor, Bronze Star, Air Medal with Four Oak Leaf Clusters and Distinguished Flying Cross. He was also given a license to fly commercial planes upon leaving the military, but was unable to do so because of discrimination. In 2006, he was awarded a doctorate in Public Service from Tuskegee University. A year later, President George W. Bush awarded the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor to the surviving Tuskegee Airmen. Upon his acceptance of the Bahai Faith after leaving the military he was determined to spread the message of peace and did so with his wife, Adrienne for the next 40 years abroad in Asia, Africa and Central America before returning to America for health reasons. Here he continued to teach the principals of the Bahai Faith until his passing. In his words: ?I fear no man, only God and I said the 23 Psalm every morning and thanked God every evening. He is survived by his wife; three daughters and several grandchildren.


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Mrs. Soumy C. Pao ~ ISB Librarian ~ 1957-1976

Mrs. Soumy C. Pao ~ ISB Librarian ~ 1957-1976

Departed ~ 27 September 2013



It is with regret that I announce the passing of my beloved mother, SOUMY C PAO on Friday 27 September 2013 at 11:10 am in Samitivej Hospital , Bangkok, Thailand. She passed away peacefully in her sleep and is now with my father enjoying the lfe after.

Soumy C Pao was a woman loved by all who came across her and had the privilege of knowing her, from her days as a UN diplomat’s wife until her days as Head Librarian of International School Bangkok. We all loved her elegant and gracious hospitality to everyone in need.

As her son and speaking for the rest of my family ( brothers Larry, Samson, and sister Patty )…we loved her very much, and cherish the time we had with her. She has passed living a full life at 92 years of age…and with a large family of grandsons and granddaughters she enjoyed the holidays to the fullest.

I wish her happiness in her new afterlife, especially adjoining with my father, Gerson who passed away on 10 April , 2009 and may their spirit be together for eternal life.

Funeral services will be at Wat Tha Tong starting Wednesday 2 Oct – Friday 4 Oct starting at 7:00 pm each night. My mother will be cremated on Saturday 5 October…and her ashes put out to sea on Sunday 6 October.

STANLEY H C PAO / ISB Class of 1968

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John Richard “Dick” Mellor ~ Class of 1976

John Richard “Dick” Mellor ~ Class of 1976

Departed ~ c. 9/26/13 ~ Cancer






It has been reported to us by Dick’s fellow classmate, Werner Pflaum, that Dick passed away from his battle with cancer c. September 26, 2013. May his undying spirit rest in eternal peace. DAW

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Melissa M. Ketunuti ~ Class of 1995

Melissa M. Ketunuti ~ Class of 1995

Departed ~ 1/21/13 ~ Brutally Murdered

Exterminator sobs as he recalls doctor begging for her life as he strangled her to death

A Philadelphia exterminator who confessed to killing a 35-year-old pediatrician and setting her on fire sobbed as he recalled how she pleaded for her life.

“Please stop, please stop. I’m sorry. I’ll do whatever you want,” begged Melissa Ketunuti as Jason Smith strangled her, he said to police.

The full statement, given to cops following Smith’s arrest in January, was read in court by Philadelphia Det. Edward Tolliver on Wednesday. The exterminator cried throughout the interview, Det. Tolliver said.

Jason Smith was hit with multiple charges, including murder and arson.

Smith said he attacked Ketunuti because “she said that I shouldn’t be an exterminator, that I didn’t know what I was doing. … I grabbed her by the neck and started choking her. I realized there was blood on the ground.”

The exterminator tied her up and burned her body because he wanted to get rid of the evidence, he said. The first detective on the scene said that burns covered more than 50 percent of Ketunuti’s body, according to the Daily Pennsylvanian.

Police at the scene of the Jan. 21 murder.

Ketunuti, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, was found after the fire department was called to the scene. Surveillance video would lead to the exterminator’s arrest.

Ketunuti, seen in a graduation phot, worked at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Smith was hit with multiple charges, including murder, arson and abuse of a corpse. “The fact the house and the whole block didn’t catch fire is nothing more good luck,” Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Selber said, according to the Pennsylvanian.

Smith, 37, will be arraigned on May 1.

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Dr. Arthur H. “Art” Himmler ~ F-Faculty 1982

Dr. Arthur H. “Art” Himmler ~ F-Faculty 1982

Departed ~ 2/9/2013 ~ Automobile Accident

Remembering the life of Art Himmler
February 20, 2013 By Cara Mitchell
Dr. Arthur Herbert Himmler

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the ones we love the most. So it was appropriate that hundreds of friends and former colleagues of Dr. Arthur H. Himmler gathered at Oberlin Church in Steilacoom to remember someone very near and dear to their hearts.

Dr. Himmler, or “Art” as many new him, died in a car crash on February 7, 2013 in eastern Washington. He was 68 years old. Himmler was the superintendent of the Steilacoom Historical School District from 1994 to 2009. It was a time of great change for the district, and Himmler was there leading the way in every way, shape and form.

During his memorial service on Feb. 14, friends and family shared memories about a humble man who loved music, loved his family, and loved life.

In paying tribute to Himmler’s music background, the Steilacoom High School Jazz Band and the Steilacoom High School Choir performed. The choir performed the song, I Hear Sweet Music, and gave a beautiful performance of Amazing Grace.

Retired general John Hemphill touched on many of Himmler’s accomplishments both as a Kiwanis member and as superintendent, including the rebuilding of Saltar’s Point Elementary, remodeling the high school, bringing Chloe Clark Elementary online, and integrating computers into the district.

“There comes a time when a man must choose between what is right, and what is easy. Art never failed to choose the right,” said Hemphill.

Himmler led the charge in getting the school district’s boundary changed so all of DuPont’s city limits was included in the Steilacoom School District boundary.

“He was a great man. I will never forget him,” remarked Hemphill.

Former Steilacoom High School Principal Jan McCrimmon shared a story that took place last summer, when she visited Himmler and his family in Omak, WA.

“What do you do at night in Omak? You sit outside with Art and Noi, look up at the sky, and watch for the first satellite.”

Chloe Clark Elementary Principal Gary Yoho shared that Himmler was a great believer in family.

“I once made the mistake of attending a board meeting on the same night one of my kids had a concert. After the meeting, Art came up to me with a very serious look on his face, and he told me he never wanted me to attend a board meeting again if my kids had a concert on the same night.”

For two hours, friends from across the state shared stories about a brilliant music teacher who loved the outdoors and made everyone smile. Himmler was described as the ‘god father’ of WAVA, or the Washington Virtual Academy. He touched the lives of children, parents and educators from Hong Kong and Bangkok to Washington’s Orcas Island, Carbonado, Steilacoom and Omak school districts. He was someone who could see the good in every child, and in all of us.

Above everything, Art placed his family first. The best part of his life was his wife Noi, and daughters Ja-ay, Apple and Elna.

Himmler’s youngest daughter, Elna Himmler Leavitt, beautifully eulogized her father.

“He was my Indiana Jones,” she said.

Elna asked that instead of living each day like it’s our last, to instead live each day like it’s our dad’s or mom’s last day.

“Do something that will make a positive impact in their life.”

She also encouraged all who loved her father to act and be just a little more like him.

Based on those who loved him the most, that would include being humble and a good listener. Be a positive role model. Show kindness and compassion no matter what. And always, put your family first.

“He was a brother and a dear friend. Art loved the Lord. I know for certain we’ll see him again someday,” offered friend Duane Hardesty.

Until then Dr. Himmler, Cheers.

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Norman Hale ~ Class of 1971

Norman Hale ~ Class of 1971

Departed ~ 3/2013



March 31st 2013 – Posted by Randy Hale

RIP Norman Hale My brother Norman was laid to rest a week ago. His ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean near San Diego where he spent so many happy days of his life surfing. He is survived by his four children: Ryley 10 Gabriel 12 Conner 14 Julian 20 We will miss you Norm.

Glenn  R. Dutch Duarte ~ Class of 1969

Glenn  R. Dutch Duarte ~ Class of 1969

Departed ~ 2/10/2013 ~ Heart Failure

Glenn “Dutch” R. Duarte

It comes with great lament to announce an abrupt end to the venerable life of Glenn R. “Dutch” Duarte (July 20, 1951 – February 10, 2013), resident of Seattle and Redmond, Washington. Dutch is survived by many who loved him; amongst them are his wife, Carol, his two sons, Garrett and Brett, his parents, Richard and Agnes, and his siblings Debbie, Diane, Donna and Gayle. Dutch’s passing occurred while traveling and consulting in Bangkok, Thailand. It was a place that was close to his heart, having graduated high school in 1969 from the International School of Bangkok, and having held a directorship position at D I Designs Corporation there in recent years.

A successful architect with many local ties to the Pacific Northwest, Dutch was president of Duarte Bryant and Ambia Architecture, headquartered in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. He held a great appreciation for design, and was an advocate for historic preservation. Having earned his degree in architecture from Washington State University, Dutch and his wife remained avid WSU Cougar fans and supporters.

Born in Honolulu, Dutch held many great memories of his family and his upbringing in Hawaii. He was proud to carry the state identification card, for reasons more profound than his satisfaction in receiving the Kama’aina rate. He returned often, and he planned to maintain his connection with Hawaii throughout his retirement. Dutch was also an avid collector, and his childhood influences on the island contributed to his eclectic character.

A remembrance will be held at a later date. Dearest Dutch: You are greatly missed.

Published in The Seattle Times on February 24, 2013

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