Susan Elena Haralson ~ Class of 1975

Susan Haralson ~ Class of 1975

Arrived ~ 3/3/1957

Departed ~ 2/23/24

Kathlyne Boslet Lovingly wrote:

Sawadee Susan Haralson’s ISB Tribe,

Our wonderful sister Susan, aka Hippie Girl, passed from this world early this morning. For the last three years, she has fought a hard battle against cancer.

Last August, her doctors told her that the cancer had metastasized and a new chemo regime was prescribed. She was severely allergic to one of the chemo drugs and that particular drug had to be discontinued. The other drugs were not as powerful and her cancer spread to vital organs.

In January, her palliative care doctor counseled her to reach out to hospice. Hospice was supposed to take over her care 2 weeks ago, but then Susan fell and was admitted to the hospital. She did not have any physical issues from the fall. She was in horrific pain in her abdominal area as that was the area where the cancer grew.

Gregory Merritt and Jolli Sidon drove from the Cocoa area to Orlando to help Susan prepare for the final leg of her journey. Valerie Vogt Sills and Sandra Ellis traveled to Orlando to visit with Susan. She was grateful for their visits and the positive energy they shared with her.

Susan also had a very special friend from NC, Sue, visit her while she was in the skilled nursing unit. Sue shared many stories of their escapades during the 90s and early 2000s.

After one week in the hospital, she was moved to a Skilled Nursing Facility with the hope that she may regain some strength and be made more comfortable. She was in the facility for one week and received excellent care from a team of compassionate nurses, doctors, and loved ones.

I spent the day with her on Wednesday and she was in good spirits and had received physical therapy and appeared to have “nit noi” strength back. When I left her in the late afternoon of Wednesday, I thought we would be moving her to private care and hospice care. Shortly before 1 AM Susan struggled to breathe and she was in agonizing pain. She was taken by ambulance to the ER with the hope that the doctors could mitigate the pain. She had a DNR order in place and died shortly after admittance.

I was called while she was en route to the hospital and I rushed to be with her; however, she died moments before I arrived. I was granted the time to be alone with her, hold her hand, and kiss her forehead. I told her how much we all love her and will miss her.

Her pain is now gone and Susan is no longer suffering. For that I am grateful.

I have spoken to the family about how to celebrate her and we will be discussing options in the next few weeks. Once decisions are made, I will share them with all of you.

I was honored and grateful to have been able to help Susan these past few months.

Thank you to everyone who sent her birthday cards. I was able to share them with her and she was extremely happy to receive them. The video I intended to show her on her birthday will be shown at her Celebration of Life. I am sorry it was not finished sooner.

Much love to her ISB “Tribe.” Kathie/Kate

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