James Parkinson Matisin ~ Class of 1969

JamesJim” Matisin ~ Class of 1969

Arrived ~ 7/23/1951

Departed ~ 7/26/23

Throwback Thursday! World Conference Coach Jamie Matisin, as coach (left) and Gordon Rutledge (father of current Commissioner Greg Rutledge), Sponsor (right) – Singapore American Football League circa 1979-82

Vikings won the Championship (see trophy in background). They played on the football field at the SAS Ulu Pandan Campus, K-8. The building is still there but is now occupied by Nexus International School.

James Parkinson Matisin Wrote:
This was my first year as Head Coach of the Vikings. 1981. Don’t remember the shorts being so pink. Or me ever being that skinny!

SAFL – Home of American Football in Singapore

With a sad heart, the SAFL shares that we have lost Coach Jamie Matisin. For over 40 years he has coached and/or officiated 1000’s of youth football players in Singapore. Coach Matisin passed away 26th July after a battle with cancer & covid. Even while sick, he was still giving back as officiating advisor for our last international games with the Emirates American Football League in April. I ask the global SAFL community to open your generous arms and give Coach’s Family a hug and the help they need. To learn more and donate, please visit our crowd funding page at https://gogetfunding.com/coachmatisin/
A call to our global SAFL Alumni, please share with your personal networks which have played in the SAFL.

Coach Matisin’s family needs your support and every donation will help cover his final medical and funeral costs. Coach’s family needs your support!!!

Jeff Majestic SAFL Commissioner and Friend of Coach Matisin
jefferymajestic@yahoo.com for questions about how to help Coach’s Family

Campaign Story

To all Donors and Friends ,

James Parkinson Matisin, better known as Jamie, or simply, Coach, sadly passed away on July 26th. His wife Sheryl and son’s Ben and Ryan are now in need of as much assistance as they can get.

Jamie moved to Singapore from the United States in 1976 at just 25 years old. In the 47 years that he spent in Singapore, he gave much to the community including more than 40 years volunteering in SACAC’s youth football programme where he coached the values of hard-work, discipline, responsibility and teamwork to hundreds of kids.

In 2019, Jamie was first diagnosed with stage 1 colon cancer, which he managed to beat. However, shortly thereafter, he developed blood cancer (Myelofibrosis) that ultimately developed into Leukemia. After two years of relatively good health and fighting the good fight, a bout with COVID led to complications and his condition rapidly deteriorated.

Due to his rapid decline, Jamie’s family were unable to make the necessary preparations and are in need of immediate financial assistance.

Medical bills and funeral costs alone exceed 80k after subsidies. As Jamie had not been able to work, rent, school fees and utility bills have been unpaid for months. Jamie’s wife, Sheryl, is now at a loss of how she is going to cope.

By God’s grace, the family is appealing for any financial support you can afford. All donations will go to pay for the medical expenses, outstanding bills and to help the family adjust to life without Jamie.

Any amount will be of great help. Please keep Jamie’s family in your prayers & may God bless you all.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out please email josh nobles at: josh.nobles@gmail.com

Jeff Majestic SAFL Commissioner and Friend of Coach Matisin
jefferymajestic@yahoo.com for questions about how to help Coach’s Family

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