McKinley “Mac” Anthony Drew ~ Class of 1977

McKinley Mac Drew ~ Class of 1977

Departed 7/15/2022

Mayte Drew lovingly wrote:

With our hearts heavy and grief-stricken, my oldest brother, Donnie and I bring the news of the passing of my twin brother, McKinley Anthony Drew (Mac) who was 63 years young. He has been extremely ill for several months and passed away in his sleep Friday night.

Donnie has taken care of my brother for the past 4 months and being there for my brother when no one else could. No greater love can be expressed than to be the one who takes care of you when you are sick. My brother Donnie is that selfless and generous brother who stepped up to take care of Mac. Donnie is an extraordinary man and brother who I cherish. There were 4 of us kids. Donnie being 2 years ahead of Mac and I and Jackie just 14 months younger than the twins.

As a family we traveled around the world 3 times each time consuming 3 months of intense travel. We certainly got to know each other very well through traveling. These travels lead us places that at the time only people read about those places in books.

This is a tribute to my family and my twin. He was my best friend growing up. I was his sidekick when we went outside to play Cowboys with him imagining himself as Bat Masterson or Jungle Jim in the sixties. He was the one who said “She is on my team” when the neighborhood boys said “No girls” get to play sports. He is the reason I had a happy childhood playing sports and hanging out with the guys.

In Thailand, we would play basketball, football, soccer, swam every day by ourselves with our friends in Rishi Court. In my junior high years, we would play half-court basketball almost every day with our friends in Rishi Court at the outdoor court at ISB. I watched every little league baseball game that my brother played, was scorekeeper, and participated in the practices as my Dad was the Coach of those little league teams.

For our last 2 years of college, we both went to Beirut, Lebanon attending American University of Beirut where again I got to play with boys being the only girl to pay in all male fast pitch softball league. We lived through an intense environment in Beirut and came home to the States. He later came to Texas in his mid-twenties where he lived 18 years there before his work lead him west.

We came into this world together, we played make believe together, we traveled, we played sports together and we cried together. His gift to me was the freedom to enjoy my childhood by participating in something I loved and getting to hang around the guys. This shaped my life in so many positive ways and Mac’s gift to me gave me confidence, freedom, and happiness.

I can never fully express the love and appreciation I have for my twin brother, Mac. I love him with my whole heart and soul, and I know that he has been reunited with with my beloved Mother, Juanita, Sister, Jackie, my nephew, Anthony, my Aunt Rosemary, Uncle Vern, and Cousin John. It is my fervent prayer that the Lord take care of my family in body and spirit. God bless my family.

Special prayers for my father who is 92 years old who just lost his second child and my cousin Gary.

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