Desho Bernard ~ Class of 1992

Desho Bernard ~ Class of 1992

Departed ~ 8/21/2020

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Desho Bernard, ISB Class of 1992. A unique, athletic and talented individual, Desho will be remembered with love by his family and many friends around the planet. A locally renowned assistant film director with many credits to his name, he leaves his wife, two children, family and friends with a plethora of beautiful memories.

For those of you in Bangkok, the Cremation will be held at 17:00pm on Tuesday, August 25 at Wat Yang (Temple) Onnut 23, Onnut Rd, Srisawat Building, Bangkok. As per request, no wreaths please. Additionally, if you do plan on attending, there’s a suggestion that colorful attire would be most appropriate. [please note the time change to 5pm]

May he rest in peace. (ISB Alum)

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