Claudia Gentry ~ Class of 1966

Claudia Gentry ~ Class of 1966


Information supplied by: Glenda Gentry

Class of 66 – Claudia Gentry – Died July 9, 2003 of ovarian cancer after a hard fought battle that gave her 5 extra years.

I remember arriving in Bangkok as a nervous (and extremely shy) freshman (sounds so much better than 9th grader!). I met Glenda Gentry, who became my bestest friend, and thru her, Claudia. My older sister had not lived at home for years (college and married long before) so I was not prepared for a big sister, let alone Claudia. She was friendly (could get a rock to talk), very Southern, and a charming flirt with the boys. She teased me unmercifully at times. Especially about my “beauty mark” on the tip of my nose (which has since disappeared) and the fact that my big toe is shorter than my second toe (which is still true). She did not pull any punches either. I remember when I was asked to the Sr. prom as a lowly freshmen – it gave her a chance to tease the heck out of me (not to say embarrass me! the duty of every big sister, as I understand it. I have tried to carry the legacy with my younger sibs, but never came close.) I visited Glenda in Washington DC a few years later – Claudia hadn’t changed even though she was married with children. I remember when they picked me up at the airport. I had (of course) been sitting next to a guy on the plane and we talked after we disembarked. She marched up and said that she knew I would have met a cute boy (immediately starting the blushes and the urge for flight!) and a few other things funny only to onlookers and other big sisters. I knew I was still family.

I missed my funny big sister who gave me a glimpse of that big world of teenagers that I had just entered when she went back to the states after graduation. I wish her Godspeed and hope that she looks kindly on my toes at long last.

Mary Griest

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