Craig Allen Roan ~ Class of 1971

Craig Roan ~ Class of 1971

Arrived 1/2/1953

Departed ~ 9/13/2003

Brief Life History of Craig Allen Roan

When Craig Allen Roan was born on 2 January 1953, in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Greene, Ohio, United States, his father, Norman Clark Roan Jr, was 28 and his mother, Maudie Bell Cammerer, was 26. He lived in Woodward, Oklahoma, United States. He died on 13 September 2003, in Provo, Utah, United States, at the age of 50, and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Woodward, Oklahoma, United States.

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Margaret McAlpine “Peggy” Ladd ~ F-Faculty ~ ’63 – ’65

Peggy Ladd ~ F-Faculty ~ ’63 – ’65

Departed ~ 10/16/03 ~ Details Unknown

Your memorial website is beautifully presented I’ve never seen one like it and of course I would love my mom to be remembered on it. In her Memorial service Robin Flocken quoted this from somewhere and my mother lived according to it. Gracious living and gracious dying.

Meeting one another as friends especially if they are strangers making room for each other to become who we are called to be
striving to understand and appreciate what is good and positive in all of us holding one up for prayer and concern; building up community by – honoring the past – respecting the present – caring for the future…..and delighting in the company of being together.

Margaret McAlpine Ladd passed away on October 16 2003 after a prolonged illness. Margaret was better known as Peggy and she taught Freshman English at ISB in 1963 and 1964. She traveled extensively through out Europe, Asia and the USA with her children and husband James Ladd of 56 years. They retired in Cazenovia, NY in 1970 where Margaret served as the town historian for 13 years. She had a passion for nature and art and passed that interest onto her 2 children Jim Ladd of Albuquerque NM, her daughter Ann Ladd Ferencz of White Plains, NY, and her grandchildren Jude and Kate.
Thank You,


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Claudia Gentry ~ Class of 1966

Claudia Gentry ~ Class of 1966


Information supplied by: Glenda Gentry

Class of 66 – Claudia Gentry – Died July 9, 2003 of ovarian cancer after a hard fought battle that gave her 5 extra years.

I remember arriving in Bangkok as a nervous (and extremely shy) freshman (sounds so much better than 9th grader!). I met Glenda Gentry, who became my bestest friend, and thru her, Claudia. My older sister had not lived at home for years (college and married long before) so I was not prepared for a big sister, let alone Claudia. She was friendly (could get a rock to talk), very Southern, and a charming flirt with the boys. She teased me unmercifully at times. Especially about my “beauty mark” on the tip of my nose (which has since disappeared) and the fact that my big toe is shorter than my second toe (which is still true). She did not pull any punches either. I remember when I was asked to the Sr. prom as a lowly freshmen – it gave her a chance to tease the heck out of me (not to say embarrass me! the duty of every big sister, as I understand it. I have tried to carry the legacy with my younger sibs, but never came close.) I visited Glenda in Washington DC a few years later – Claudia hadn’t changed even though she was married with children. I remember when they picked me up at the airport. I had (of course) been sitting next to a guy on the plane and we talked after we disembarked. She marched up and said that she knew I would have met a cute boy (immediately starting the blushes and the urge for flight!) and a few other things funny only to onlookers and other big sisters. I knew I was still family.

I missed my funny big sister who gave me a glimpse of that big world of teenagers that I had just entered when she went back to the states after graduation. I wish her Godspeed and hope that she looks kindly on my toes at long last.

Mary Griest

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Bonnie Beall ~ Class of 1968

Bonnie Beall ~ Class of 1968

Departed ~ 11/16/2003 ~ Heart Attack



This is to inform you Bonnie Beall had a heart attack and died on 11-2003. She attended ISB for two years, 1966 and 1967. If you google her name you will she she was an avid fly fisherman and had a lot to do with conservationist groups in Florida. She was a sweetheart and a lot of us 60’s grads knew her and loved her.

Ken Warren 67′

Paul Horgan ~ Class of 1971

Paul Horgan ~ Class of 1971

Departed 10/6/2003






Dear ’71 Alumni,
It saddens me to post this message, but unfortunately, we have lost another classmate, Paul Horgan from the class of 1971. His wife, Debra sent me a note on October 6, 2003 and asked me to pass on the following. Her note reads:

“Thank you for remembering my husband Paul Horgan each year by sending invitations to the reunion. I am sorry that we never made it to any of them.

I am writing you so that you can update your directory accordingly. I hope that this message could be relayed to any of his friends if possible. My husband, Paul John Horgan passed away on June 5, 2003 from his battle with Cystic Fibrosis. I’m sorry this is getting to you at such a late date. He went to be with the Lord. He was a minister of God and loved the Lord Jesus Christ. He is now with his youngest brother Steve. He lived a good life up to the age of 50 years old.”


Debra N. Horgan

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