Michele “Mikki” Ann Blatti ~ Class of 1968

Mikki Blatti ~ Class of 1968

Departed ~ 12/2012 ~ Cancer

Oh Mikki how you will be missed. The sad news came to me from Michael Blatti this morning. My condolences to the Blatti family. You must be devastated by this tragic loss. Michele (Mikki) Blatti, ISB Class of 1968, was a dear friend of mine. We often met for a meal in Geneva whenever we both were there. These “micro reunions” kept us in touch of each other’s activities and helped maintain the ISB link. Her activities as you can see in Michael’s post on ISB friends, were a constant source of fascination for me. She was amazingly modest about her humanitarian career. She was a giver expecting nothing in return. The photos below were taken at a ceremony marking my mother’s passing last June. Mikki spoke on behalf of all the ISB students that had my mother as a teacher, and more broadly of the ISB family that knew her and my family. Her contribution was a most memorable highlight of the ceremony. I will miss Mikki. Geneva wont be the same without her. Rest in peace my friend.

By: Peppy Doggett