Paul Joseph Drakulich ~ Class of 1972

Paul Drakulich ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 4/18/22


This is a FB Obituary for Paul Drakulich, my brother in law, who recently passed, I will do my best from what I know – Paul Joseph Drakulich passed away on April 18th, 2022, after 8 days in the hospital in Chiang Rai,Northern, Thailand; as a result of a condition of cancer, he has been struggling with for many years.

At his side was his spouse Yada Buchuen Drakulich, who he met and married when he relocated to Chiang Rai, Thailand in approximately 2016. Paul had been traveling off and on to Thailand since 2012. Paul was employed as a teacher at a local school in Chiang Rai, and was quite happy with his life there.

Paul was born September 7th, 1954 to Sam Drakulich of Nevada and Jeanne Forsythe of Reno, Nevada, Sam’s work with the CIA took the family all over the Far East and Africa, starting in Saipan, then Ethiopia, and Thailand, Vietnam, Paul also stayed in the Phillipines, Okinawa, and Hong Kong at various times, he transferred to International school of Bangkok in 1967 as part of the group known as Saigon Kids; he attended school at ISB in 1968 as well, the same Class as my brother David Clarke 1972, and is remember by some of his classmates at ISB, and then Paul headed back to McLean, VA graduating there in 1972 from Mclean High School.

Paul was a Marine right out of High School, and went straight to Radford University, in Virginia after he left the Marines, there he had many friends and is well remembered as a friendly and likable person. After Radford, Paul lived and worked in Virginia for many years before deciding to head back to Thailand in 2012. For a while Paul has worked in Northern, VA; then he bought a house in the Richmond, Va area, and worked with his childhood friend from Saipan, Kenny Secora, in repairing computers, and was quite good at it, before shifting to Chiang Rai as his final place of residence in 2012.

Paul was preceded in his passage from life by his Father Sam Drakulich, and his mother Jeanne Drakulich, both of whom are buried together at Arlington National Cemetery for service in WW2, OSS, and for careers in the CIA.

Paul is survived by his older Sister Diana Drakulich-Clarke, of Virginia, his niece Shavonne Wei Ming Drakulich-Clarke of Washington, DC., his other sister Darcee Funkhauser (nee Drakulich) of California, his brother Donald Drakulich of Virginia, and his nephew Damian Drakulich of Virginia. Paul is also remembered by countless cousins in Nevada, and cousins from his Mom’s family in California, and fondly by Thai spouse Yada Buchuen Drakulich, and by his many Thai friends, and Ex Pat American friends in Thailand, Paul was cremated in a Buddist ceremony, and his spouse Yada says his ashes will be scattered at his favorite beach in Thailand, as per his wishes, God Bless, Rest in peace Paul Drakulich.


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