Roland Svensson ~ Class of 1981

Roland Svensson ~ Class of 1981

Departed ~ c. 12/13/2020

Kristoffer Svensson
13 December 2020.

Every time this guy called he would say “Hey Champion” and end the call with “I Love You”. Every time. But no longer will I get to hear that. 30 years going through this journey called “Life” with my dad and trying to hold his hand hasn’t been easy. Life is not some filtered reality you see here. But at the same time it has been a beautiful and thoughtful journey that with him it has made me who I am today.

Dad wasn’t the easiest person to be around, but somehow I saw a beautiful sensitive light in him that we kept our relationship going on until the last call we had two days ago on his birthday. There was a connection with him that many still don’t understand, but somehow we knew it ourselves.
I’m so blessed that these past 8 years we have reconnected on a level where he finally believed in me and was my biggest supporter in what I do. And I so wish he would still be here to see what’s coming up next. But at the same time I know him finding true peace and being up there with Farfar (my grandfather) is the best thing.

Thank you to all of the outpouring of support that has been coming my way and to the Svensson family these past few hours. Some of you I don’t even know, but seeing your words and well-wishes shows that this man was loved and will be loved endlessly.
Life goes on. It really does. But one thing that I ask is for everyone to have a lot of compassion in life and give it to those that you love. Hold them tight. Give them a hug. Give them space. And be there for them when you still have the opportunity to.

Lastly to my dad Roland Svensson, I love you Pappa and you know that. You always wanted me to be strong and I will do that. I’m going to open some U2 music now because those were the memories we had. It will uplift you up there and me down here.
Until we meet again.
Your champion.


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