Dominique “Nic” Minguet ~ Class of 1988

Dominique “Nic” Minguet ~ Class of 1988

Departed ~ 3/30/04 ~ Cancer



Dear ISB alumni,

It is a very sad day for me to inform those of you who don’t know already – Dominique Minguet succumbed to cancer at around 5:00 am Bangkok time on Tuesday March 30, 2004. He had fought valiantly for over three years to stave off colon cancer. In the end, he was at home surrounded by his parents and his sister when he bid this world farewell. Nic was a gregarious classmate of ours and a good friend. We will all miss him dearly. Catherine Minguet has asked that if you have any condolence messages for his family, please send an e-mail to: d_minguet at hotmail dot com She will be checking this e-mail and she thanks you for your moral support during this difficult time.

Thank you very much for your donations to treat his cancer and your concerns throughout.

Yours truly,

Benjamin Chiang

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