Jutta Weber ~ Class of 1973

Jutta Weber ~ Class of 1973

Departed ~ 1972 ~ Car wreck coming home from Pattaya

I just wanted to let you know that I was her friend and think of her often, as well as the three people that perished with her. Had it not been for my sister Kendra I would have gone with her and Naldo and the brother and sister who died with her. There but for the grace of God go I. She is not forgotten even after 40 years.

Gareth W. Jackson, her friend

I asked Gareth if he knew the names of the three other people that died in the wreck.

Mike and Christine Anderson were their names I think, they were brother and sister. Naldo was Brazilian or Portuguese. He was cremated 2-3 days later in Bangkok at a buddhist temple. I stood with his mother and father as the pyre burned. I can still smell the incense, the sickly sweet flowers everywhere and the smoke.
Gareth W. Jackson

Hello,   My name is Steven Trigg, I lived at Swiss Chateau (soi 67 sukhumvit rd) below the Webber family and knew Jutta… Ralph and Carla.  We socialised and were friends. Jutta was like an angel, so friendly and gentle.  My father came on the morning of the crash and told me… I was devastated.  That day at ISB it was like a  morgue. Her parents got the news as they embarked from a plane from Hong Kong.  I saw the remains of the vehicle some time later…  best regards,   Steven Trigg