Robert Rochlen ~ Class of 1974

Robert Rochlen ~ Class of 1974

Departed ~ 2-1-2023

Nick Lim lovingly wrote:

I’m saddened to share with my ISB family that our brother Robert Rochlen passed away last night. Rest in peace, Robert. We will miss you.

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William “Peter” Schramm ~ Class of 1974

Pete Schramm ~ Class of 1974

Arrived ~ 7/6/1956

Departed ~ 10/31/2020

Our brother, William (Pete) Schramm – Class of ’74, passed away suddenly on October 31, 2020 from a probable heart attack.  He was a good son, great brother, and a loving father.

James Schramm – Class of ‘70 and Celeste Houser-Jackson (nee Schramm) – Class of ‘72.

William Peter Schramm

By On November 26, 2020

July 6, 1956

October 31, 2020

It is with profound sadness that the family of William “Pete” Schramm announce his sudden passing on October 31, 2020.

On July 6, 1956, Pete was born in Frankfurt, Germany, to Ann Beall and Frederick Schramm. He resided abroad with his parents and two older siblings, Jim and Celeste, while his father, Fred, was deployed during his career with the CIA. His family also lived in Berlin, Germany (Pete’s favorite), Bangkok, Thailand, and Camp Perry, VA, before settling in Potomac, MD. He attended Winston Churchill High School, then pursued further education at the University of Maryland.

Pete’s career in the hi-tech industry began in a strip mall computer store. It proved to be the beginning of a long and successful career in hi-tech sales and management. Much of his career took him all over the United States, meeting with various accounts. While working for Ando Corporation, he then began to frequent Japan, as well as other parts of Asia, for meetings with clients.

He is remembered by family, friends, and colleagues as a man of good humor, generous nature, respected work ethic, and, mostly, unbridled optimism for everyone’s success in their endeavors. From pythons and rhesus monkeys in Thailand to pet pygmy goats, horses, dogs, and cats in the more recent years, he was recognized for his affinity for animals and nature.

Nearing retirement, Pete worked with ProTEQ Solutions as a sales engineer. He enjoyed this position, as it required less domestic travel, the ability to work from home, and the opportunity to spend more time with his wife and the light of their lives, their daughter Gracie and her husband, Danny Eyler. If you knew Pete, he was either in dress clothes and tie, or you knew him for his clever t-shirts, tropical shorts, and crocs.

Pete was a resident of Emmitsburg for nearly 40 years. He enjoyed target shooting on the weekends with friends and family, fishing, and crafting lovely pieces of stained glass. He was also an avid gardener and was often seen zipping around his property on his mower for a joy ride. He loved spending time with the family’s beloved Belgian Sheepdogs. He loved spending time by or in the water, whether it was the local pool, creek, lake, a bay, or the ocean.

Pete leaves behind his wife, Chris; daughter, Graceann, and her husband, Daniel Eyler. He is survived by brother, Jim Schramm, and wife, Jean; and his sister, Celeste Houser-Jackson, and her husband, Walter, as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

In light of COVID-19, the family has decided to celebrate Pete’s life in Spring of 2021. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, a local animal shelter, or charity of choice.

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Ann Elizabeth Marsden ~ Class of 1974

Ann Elizabeth Marsden ~ Class of 1974/1975

Departed ~ 8/6/2021


As Posted by Pete Crittenden:

Ann was a close friend of many of our ISB family. She graduated Class of ’74 – she had been at ISB since around 1965, coming from Bangladesh (then East Pakistan). She was well known and loved amongst the ISB crowd of Washington DC and Northern Virginia, and she will be missed by many.

Ann went on to earn a Certificate in French language & translation at l’Ecole Moderne du Commerce et des Langues in Lausanne, Switzerland. She then studied Liberal arts at the American College of Barcelona, Spain, earning her Associate degree. Later Ann earned a Bachelor degree in Latin American Studies and Business Administration at Flagler College, and more recently Ann achieved her Master’s of Business Administration at the George Washington University School of Business, with studies in Finland and Turkey. A true International kid, Ann spoke French and Spanish, fluently.

Ann is survived by her daughter Julia and her son Don. Ann was a Christian but she observed and respected the ways of Judaism, seeking to understand and practice Christianity in the ways of the first generation of Christians. Ann’s work on this plane is done, she is now in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.
“May her memory be a blessing.”


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Dennis White ~ Class of 1974

Dennis White ~ Class of 1974

Departed ~ 4/21/2020

Tony White


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Farruk Harron Ali ~ Class of 1974

Farruk Ali ~ Class of 1974

Departed ~ 2/15/2020

Margee Finn Frame wrote:

Farruk Ali and I had a fun relationship. I used to always tell him he had the BEST NAME EVER and he would introduce me to his friends as an award-winning television producer. We would laugh and laugh about that. He was so loving and fun and I would look forward to seeing him at the reunions and at our DC luncheons. I will miss him dearly.



I’m so sad to let you know that a very dear friend has passed away. Farrukh Ali, Class of ’74 passed away Feb. 15, 2020 of cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). . He was diagnosed in March 2019 and moved to Hospice after his 64th birthday at the end of January 2020.

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Doreen Elizabeth “Dodie” Reagan ~ Class of 1974

Doreen Elizabeth “Dodie” Reagan ~ Class of 1974

Departed ~ 1/20/97 ~ Details not known.



Doreen (Dodi) Reagan, a 1974 ISB graduate passed away in 1997.   I remember her as being an athletic and charming lady.  It appears she left a lasting legacy to others and a book was written about her life, Greater Love Than This. The cover, preface, and an excerpt about her time at ISB are pictured above.

Lovingly submitted by Dodi’s friend Tom Mack

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Mary Patricia Pace ~ Class of 1974

Mary Pace ~ Class of 1974

Departed ~ 4/14/17 ~ Cancer

A “Celebration of Life” for Mary Patricia Pace, Thursday, June 1st at St .James Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Va. It will be from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Mary lost her battle to cancer on April 14, 2017. Beloved daughter to Beryel and Mary Pace (deceased), sister to Cathie Lowe (Dave), Lillian Malburg, Larry Pace, Robert Pace (Linda) and many niece’s and nephews.

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Wesley Olsen ~ Class of 1974

Wesley Olsen ~ Class of 1974

Departed – 2012
From: Allen Zim allenzim76 at yahoo dot com
Date: Sun, Sep 22, 2019 at 8:24 PM
Subject: GBNF Death of Wesley Olsen ISB Class of 1974
To: isbeings at gmail dot com

To The ISB Beings Network,   Wesley Olsen class of 74, died from organ(s) failures in 2012, we only learned of your organization, recently. His family left Bangkok in late 1971 – – Port Washington NY. His friends at ISB were Kurt Sigmund, Peter Schramm, Phoebe Bradley, Pam Curtis, Carl Penuel.


Younger brother Peter Olsen ( Mrs. Chances’ 4th grade )  class of 1979 – – he died in an accident – 1980