Mrs. Lois Elder ~ F-Faculty ~ 1968-1973

Mrs. Lois Elder ~ F-Faculty 1968-1973

Departed ~ 08/2007



mention your name and i’m gone again, ohhhh i’m gone again.

I learned all my most important first lessons about travel, fine cuisine, culture, markets, silver jewelry and fabrics from my amazing, talented artistic beautiful Mother Lois Potthoff Elder. She exuded style, grace and beauty in all she did. She was a gifted watercolor artist and had a deep appreciation for the art of Spain and Mexico, India and Thailand. In Bangkok our family spent our entire Sundays at Snam Luang weekend market. Hunting for treasures, admiring an infinite variety of creativity in wood, textile, precious metals, Thai Silks, spices and munching our way though acres of food stalls. Toasted coconut treats, grilled pineapple, mee Krob . Toasted peanut thingies! Aside from the beaches of southern Thailand, these were my favorite memories of our family. Everyone going their own way for hours, then reconnecting off and on all day. What few gifts I possess as a human being I Lay them all at her feet.

Missing her deeply today.

David Elder

David Elder

May 13, 2018

Kudos!! For my amazing Mother Lois. My father Art always called her “Lady” and she always called him “Man” .. I know it could not have been easy being a Navy Wife with 5 kids. but you wanted to travel the world.. and that is exactly what we did! You were in charge and let everyone know it. Occasionally, Art would come home on leave from the ship, or some tour of duty abroad and give you serious “back up”. In Spain and France you would pack up the Peugeot and we would set out on another adventure. Driving to wherever the next port of call was for the USS Springfield. Flagship of the 6th fleet. Such great times we all had! I loved watching you paint! Such great Art genes flowed through you to all your children, and now mine as well! Thanks for all your hard work. I could not imagine or want it to have unfolded any other way!

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Jerry Ander ~ Class of 1968

Jerry Anders ~ Class of 1968

Departed ~ 2007 ~ Details Unknown

Hi Dave,

I am really looking forward to seeing you in San Diego this summer.

Meanwhile, I was browsing the GBNF page and thought you should know that Jerry Anders, class of 1968 passed away, in 2007 I think.  I don’t know any details but Bonnie Geilfus Avery might.  I thought you might add his name to your list.


Sue Pearcy (Sherer) ~ Class Of 1958

Sue Pearcy Sherer

Class of 1958

Departed 2/10/2007

Maiden name: Pearcy

Years attended ISB:

It is with regret that I have to inform you that Sue died on 10 February 2007 after a long battle with rheumatoid arthritis.  She is survived by her husband, Paul, four children and seven grandchildren and also her brother Mark, class of 1968.


Mark Pearcy

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