Katherine Kathy Mary Kline ~ Class of 1969

Kathy Kline ~ Class of 1969

Departed 1980 ~ Accidental Overdose

She was my Janis Joplin, my free spirit, my kindred soul and like so many things in life now gone, but renewed again elsewhere. I miss Kathy, but I don’t worry about her. She’ll be back!


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Peter Olsen ~ Class of 1979

Peter Olsen ~ Class of 1979

Departed ~ 1980

From: Allen Zim allenzim76 at yahoo dot com
Date: Sun, Sep 22, 2019 at 8:24 PM
Subject: GBNF Death of Wesley Olsen ISB Class of 1974
To: isbeings at gmail dot com

To The ISB Beings Network,   Wesley Olsen class of 74, died from organ(s) failures in 2012, we only learned of your organization, recently. His family left Bangkok in late 1971 – – Port Washington NY. His friends at ISB were Kurt Sigmund, Peter Schramm, Phoebe Bradley, Pam Curtis, Carl Penuel.

Younger brother Peter Olsen ( Mrs. Chances’ 4th grade )  class of 1979, he died in an accident – 1980