Curtis Curt Balek ~ Class of 1969

Curt Balek ~ Class of 1969

Departed ~ 11/1974



Departed 11/74~age death records ~ Details unknown

Curt was my friend from 1968. We played on the Junior Football team, and Curt was a serious stud, hard nosed and loved to hit. He had a great sense of humor and we had a lot of great times. As I remember he had a Howler Monkey for a pet. This monkey would put with us for a while (Curt trained him to catch a football) and when he tired of playing catch the monkey would start to howl and act wild. I remember it would scare me a little. Curt would laugh and say not to worry! But, I was always on edge when I was over at his house. We both lived on Soi 63 as I remember. We were always going to meet in South Lake Tahoe when we got back state side. It just didn’t happen. I have good memories of Curt.  (We were both members of the “Big 8”)

Brent Gardner