Duncan Andrew Buchanan ~ Class of 1967

Duncan Buchanan ~ Class of 1967

Arrived ~ 7/23/1949

Departed ~ 12/6/1971

Lovingly submitted by Vince Bennett ’67

Duncan’s death happened on December 6, 1971. Duncan Buchanan class of ’67 was a 2nd Lt in the USA when he was killed by an accidental discharge. He was 22. I do not have an obituary for him. I did find the attached information. 

If you need anything else please let me know. Thanks for helping us remember.

Vince Bennett ’67

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Bruce Hutchinson ~ Class of 1966

Bruce Hutchinson ~ Class of 1966

Departed ~ 3/14/1970

Bruce was killed Mar. 14, 1970. It was an auto accident on a rural road north of Charlottesville, VA. He was a senior at Virginia Tech and was on his way home to Northern Virginia for Spring Break


Mike Hutchinson

by Marcia Powell

Bruce Hutchinson, class of ’66. We met in the office waiting room our first day while our parents/aunt & uncle were getting us registered in late Sept. or early Oct. of ’64. We both were going to be Juniors and got there after school had already started. We shared several classes, lockers right next to each other, many friends and fun times. He was a dear, sweet boy with a wonderful sense of humor…he let me go all day long one day with my shift dress on backwards. I couldn’t figure out why he kept poking me in the shoulder blades every time we happen to meet at our lockers and say,”Hmm, dressed yourself today, did you?” I never realized the darts were in the back (because the Thai tailor matched the patterns so well you couldn’t see them) until Carolyn Taylor came up and whispered in my ear and told me. Bruce laughed until tears ran down his face. And even harder when I pulled my arms inside the sleeves and turned it around right there in the hall!! We kept in contact after graduation and as happens not as often as we started out. I hadn’t heard from him in months. then in about middle to late ’70-72 I got a letter from his older brother Mike letting me know that Bruce had been killed in a car accident a few months before. He had found my name & address and some letters while going through Bruce’s things. I think Mike graduated in ’65. Both of them were great guys. I’m sorry this is so long but I know there are others that knew Bruce and I wanted him to be recognized and remembered in the annals of ISB. As always, gone but never forgotten.

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Perry Falconer ~ Class of 1976

Perry Falconer ~ Class of 1976

Departed Circa 1971 ~ Accidental Asphyxiation

Re: Add to Memorial List
Friday, February 20, 2009 12:56 PM
From: Randy Perritt rebelgator7@XXXXX.com
Hey Dave,

It was ether 71 or 72 that Perry died when the pilot light in the gas water heater in his bathroom had gone out and he suffocated . He has a brother that is on the alumni site I had talked to once about getting some pictures, he said he would look but never got back to me. There is a year book picture in the ’71 Erawan at Bangsue.

Take care my Friend, Randy
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