Claudia Cooper ~ Class of 1972

 Claudia Cooper ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 2013


John Cooper

Beautiful. Such memories from long ago. My sister Claudia Cooper passed away in 2013. She fought Lupus for years and finally made the choice on her terms to depart. She spent 4 years with ISB, two of those in high school. Had we remained in Bangkok Claudia would have graduated with the class of 1972. She knew Mike Daly, Paul Horgan and many others. I was two years younger, however I fondly remember Mike Daly and Paul Horgan. Thank you for keeping their memories alive.


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Albert Cheung ~ Class of 1972

Albert Cheung ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 8/14/2021

I’m saddened to let you know that Albert Cheung, class of “72” lost his battle with Lung Cancer. Albert died in Chicago, ICU with COPD on August 14, 2021. His services will be Aug 28, 2021 at 11am. Services will be conducted at Simkins Funeral Home in Morton, IL

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Cary Bernard Gabeler ~ Class of 1972


Cary Bernard ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 2/2020

“She Loves You” sung by Cary n Thai recorded by DAW at the ’94 Clearwater Reunion.

“Pepsi Jingle” sung by Cary in Thai recorded by DAW at the 1994 Clearwater reunion.

With great sadness

Dear Friends,

This is an email I never, ever wanted to write, nor did I ever believe I would have to write. 2020 has been incredibly difficult on everyone, that goes without saying. Our family has experienced devastating losses in the last year and a half. Last June 2019, my father, Chad, and Cary’s loving husband of 36 years, passed away from cancer. This was a devastating loss for our family.

My mother, Cary was very private about her own health crises and instead chose to focus on a healing, positive mindset. Cary had been dealing with colon cancer since 2013. After my father’s passing, her health declined over the following 7 months. It is with great sadness to say that my beautiful mother, Cary passed away early February this year. The reason this news is so late is because it’s been a devastating loss for myself and my younger brother, Gabe. It’s still unbelievable writing this letter to you today. Like I said earlier, this is an email I never, ever wanted to write or share with you.

My mother and I were incredibly close. We were not only mother-daughter, but best friends and business partners. Creating Anjolie together was our greatest joy and brought us so much fun and fulfillment. We would high five throughout the day and take dance breaks to break up long periods of sitting at our shared desk. We enjoyed every success, whether it was being featured in Oprah magazine, TV interviews or just talking with our customers on the phone and hearing your personal stories.

Where does that leave Anjolie? If I’ve learned anything over the past 7 years, being a caretaker for both my parents and now navigating life after these losses, is that I have no idea what the future will bring. What I do know is that it was my mother’s (and my) greatest dream to grow this business and bring our products and mission to women all over the country and to create meaningful impact with women entrepreneurs all over the world. Anjolie has brought me so much joy and it is such a delight to be able to connect with you all through social media. I plan to keep Anjolie going, even though it’s also been incredibly painful to think about the future of Anjolie without Cary. I like to think she will help guide the future of Anjolie from wherever she is now.

This holiday season, during these strange, weird, lonely times, I hope you find connection, feel loved and know that you are not alone. I love you all and we will get through this, together, stronger than ever.

Happy (late) Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays. Oh and because it is that time of year and grief has hit me hard, I didn’t prepare for Black Friday/Cyber Monday in the way I have in the past, but I still do want to offer a Cyber Monday deal for you to shop our store. Please use code love20 for 20% off everything in our store. We are sold out of some items, but I hope to get them back in stock as soon as possible.

With love,


  • What a great friend! I loved her smile, laughter, and enthusiasm for life that continued in her life after ISB. Not that I am surprised, that was just Cary. RIP my friend.
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Michael “Mike” Warshaw ~ Class of 1972

Mike Warshaw ~ Class of 1971

Departed ~ 6/12/2020

Mike and his friend John Marcus Fisk c. ~ 1980

Worcester – Michael Warshaw, 64, passed away unexpectedly June 12, 2020. There was no inkling that on this particular Friday evening Michael would take flight; he was here, and then suddenly, he was gone. This much can be said: He left behind many broken hearts, among them his wife Donna, his sons Christopher and Michael Higgins, daughter-in-law Jill Epstein, three adored granddaughters: Olivia, Chase, and Rhyen; his father Fred, his sister Lisa Warshaw Ellis, along with a host of relatives, in-laws, friends, and a dog named Buster. He was predeceased by his mother Sybil, who passed away 31 years ago.

Born in Brooklyn in 1955, Michael and his family would travel to lands much more exotic than that New York borough before making Worcester his home. Singapore, Thailand and Puerto Rico were some of the places where he attended school. Moving so much made forging friendships difficult for a Jewish kid from Brooklyn.

“He was always the new kid, so books became his friends,” said his wife. The written word would become everything to Michael, whose curious mind clicked along regardless of location. He would eventually attend Clark University, where he fell hard for both the city of Worcester and his Vernon Hill landlady, Donna. Michael was unfazed by the idea of becoming a stepfather to her young sons who, as Christopher put it, saw him as “an alien that landed here.” Years of winning over strangers had given him the confidence to tackle teenagers, becoming part of an Irish Catholic clan might have been trickier.

“When you met Michael, he was interested in you, and asked all about you,” his brother-in-law Dennis Clarke recalled.

“Title this ‘New York Jew Infiltrates Suburban Family’,” chuckled Chris. Chris remembered Michael as Dad fondly, adding: “He was not always perfect, but he was a good father figure, no doubt. The best gift Mike ever gave me, and it is one that I try daily to replicate, is how to love and how to be loved.”

Christopher’s daughters felt that love.

“He was such a good grandpa to me, and he could always make me laugh when I saw him,” said Olivia, 15, remembering the grandfather who illustrated a “Fat Fairy” book for her birthday based on stories he told her.

“He was so fun,” said Chase, age 12. “It was hard to have a frown around him because no matter what mood I was in, he could make me smile.”

Michael pursued a career in journalism, along the way working both in radio and in print for INC. Magazine, The Boston Globe, and Worcester Magazine. He would switch gears eventually, working for Raytheon, where he was employed at the time of his death.

I worked with Michael during his tenure as editor of Worcester Magazine. Words mattered, and he knew how to make them tell a story that was never dull, always accurate and highly readable. Over the past 25 years, I’ve worked with countless editors, and Mike was one of my favorites, though you would never know it if you witnessed a conversation between us over content. We had heated arguments about my columns at least twice a month, and the denizens of his editorial teams can attest to that. If I got too political or national he would rein me in by saying: “This is WORCESTER Magazine, Janice. Write about WORCESTER.” Sometimes, I won the argument, but not often. He was a very good editor and an even better writer. He had fun writing, you could see it when he dreamed up a cover story, or a snappy headline. When one of Worcester’s greatest unsolved murder mysteries – the Candace Scola homicide – was a hot story, Mike’s cover was a beauty. “Everybody Thinks He Did It” brought fireworks from attorneys. It flew off the racks. He hijacked my cover story on Worcester celeb Denis Leary by insisting that he come along for the interview. He steam rolled me every time I tried to ask a question but my favorite Mike moment came when we first arrived, and he turned to me and asked: “Does my hair look good?”

Michael Warshaw was born in the wrong decade.

He should have entered this world 20 years earlier, to experience firsthand the uniquely American culture and history that were the ’40s and ’50s. Michael knew more about film noir, World War II and everything from “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” to “Masterpiece Theater” to “Howdy Dowdy” than any person you’d ever meet. He could pick Adolph Menjou out of a crowd, recite every line from Casablanca, and tell you the backstory about every B movie ever made. The home he shared with Donna is filled with movie memorabilia, a vintage jukebox, radios and neon signs- not knock-offs. The real deal.

Mike adored celebrities, but not just the A-listers. He saved much of his affection for the stars who ended their careers as trivia questions, like Julie Newmar, or Butch Patrick. His appreciation was for the entertainers who made a living simply by making us smile. The day after he died, I watched “Gun Crazy” on TCM. It’s a film noir classic, starring John Dall and Peggie Cummins, though few people I know have seen it. I had to stop myself from grabbing the phone to text Mike about it. He would have known why Peggie’s career never really took off and agreed with me that John Dall was Jake Tapper’s doppelganger.

The last exchange we shared was something I will always cherish. We text-watched together “Casablanca” during quarantine, only a few weeks ago. We tried to beat each other to the lines, and we chatted about Peter Lorre. It was a typical thing for two people who also shared a silly love of talking chimps and corny jokes. In fact, I can hear him saying to me as I write these words: “This goin’ somewhere?” Janice Harvey

Graveside services at Notre Dame Cemetery 162 Webster St. Worcester will be held for Michael at 11:00 AM Wednesday, June 17, 2020. A celebration of Michael’s life will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers please donate in Michael’s name to the charity of your choice.

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Roger Dane Wilkes ~ Class of 1972

Roger Wilkes ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 2/19/2018

Dear ISB alumni, it is with heartfelt regret that I have to report that Roger Dane Wilks, my husband and fellow classmate of the 1972 graduation class passed away on February 19, 2018 (President’s Day) after battling cardio amyloidosis for over 5 years. The shining star of his existence is recognized by our family, friends and acquaintances.

We are planning a memorial in early summer, 2018 in the DC, MD area to spread his ashes over his favorite fishing spots as per his request. I will post the date/time/location of the celebration of his remarkable life.

I just arrived at out new home in Washington after hearing many Jimmy Buffett, Beatles, Elton John, etc. songs. I know you will miss him tremendously, but please smile at one or more of his memorable humorous remembrances. He would love that. Please upload pictures and other memorabilia of the one-and-only Roger Dane Wilks. I will try to include them in our tribute to our recognition of his brief but meaningful life.


Dr. Brenda L Wilks
Wife/Widow/Lover of his spirit

Irving Christopher Chris Hudlin Jr. ~ Class of 1972

 Irving Christopher Chris Hudlin Jr. ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ May 22, 2016 ~ Cause unknown



The Hudlins lived in Rishi Court, Soi 15 in apartment 1b. They were good friends of my parents. When my dad did not hear from Mrs Hudlin at Christmas a google search revealed that Chris passed away this past year. He was class of ’72 and he was good friends with my brother Kurt. His sisters Sharon and Colleen were in elementary school in 1970. Debby Stinemetz Caulfield

Obituary Irving Christopher Hudlin Jr.
November 18, 1954 – May 22, 2016

An extraordinary soul left us Sunday May 22. Chris passed away surrounded by the immense love and support of his wife, his children and three closest friends.

Chris was born November 18 1954 to Irving and Thelma Hudlin in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. As a military brat Chris was afforded the opportunity to experience many parts of the world, Okinawa Japan and Bangkok Thailand to name a few. These experiences instilled in him a sense of adventure and curiosity that he carried with him his entire life.

As an undergraduate Chris attended Michigan State University obtaining a degree in Biochemistry. He then received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Washington University School of Medicine in 1980. Chris completed his General Surgery residency at David Grant Medical Center, Travis Air Force Base. He received the Air Force Achievement Medal. Chris then joined the medical staff at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in 1988. He also obtained privileges at three other local hospitals.
Widely known as a skilled surgeon and clinician, Chris is remembered by his friends and colleagues as a kind, deeply caring and generous man with a driving passion for helping others by delivering outstanding patient care. Chris loved working with the residents at San Joaquin General Hospital. He took a special interest in each and every one of them. He was a long serving Chief of General Surgery at SJMC and was the Chief of Surgery for the Sutter Gould Medical Group which he joined in 2007. Chris was instrumental in the expansion of SGM in Stockton and a key visionary in the creation of the multispecialty presence. Chris served on countless committees and boards. He spearheaded the Philanthropy initiative for Sutter as well as the Sutter Breast Cancer Support Group.

Everyone that came in contact with Chris knew they were special. He was a man of many talents and gifts who loved life and knew how to live it to the fullest. His positive attitude, sense of humor, beautiful smile and unique laugh were intoxicating. He loved time at home, sipping a fine wine from his cellar and cooking his favorite grilled veggie dish. Chris took every opportunity he could to play golf or tennis, two sports he was passionate about. His last, best adventure was a trip to Italy last fall with his wife and close friends.

Chris is survived by his wife Carol, his children Ryan, Marisa and Brittany, his mother Thelma and his sisters Colleen and Sharon (Pierre). Also by numerous nieces, nephews, aunts and cousins. He is predeceased by his father Irving.
A Celebration of Life will be held for Chris on Thursday June 2 at 2 pm, Quail Lakes Baptist Church, 1904 Quail Lakes Drive. The officiant will be Chris’ friend, Pastor Glenn R. Shields.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to help support disadvantaged youth seeking careers in the medical field: Dr. Christopher Hudlin Memorial Scholarship Fund, 1329 Spanos Court Ste. C-2, Modesto, CA 95355.

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Michael “Mike” DeWayne Lundy ~ Class of 1972

Michael “Mike” DeWayne Lundy ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 7/9/13 ~ Details unknown

9/13/15 Babette Trout Dammon

I was just noticing that I don’t see Michael DeWayne Lundy in I think Michael was in the class of 72. Today would have been his birthday, and FB reminded me. When I went to his page I realized that he had passed away on July 9, 2013. I can’t really tell what the cause was, but he seems to have been ill for a long time. He was such a wonderful person at ISB. I was so sad to find that he was gone.

Obituary for: Michael Dewayne Lundy, Sr.

Michael Dewayne Lundy, Sr., age 58 of Clarksville, died Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at Williamson Medical Center.

Funeral Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 12 Noon at Springhill Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Frank Hargrow Eulogist. Burial in Ky. Veterans West Cemetery.

Visitation Monday, July 15, 2013 at the funeral home from 12 Noon to 8 p.m., family present from 6-8 p.m.

He was born September 13, 1954 in Clarksville, TN, the son of Walter O. Sr. and Martha E. Jones Lundy. He was a graduate of the International School of Bangkok, Thailand. He was retired from the United States Army where he was a Special Force team. He was a member of Springhill Missionary Baptist Church.

He leaves to cherish his memory, children, Romina Clifton, Michelle (Jesse) Williams, both of Clarksville, TN, Renee Lundy, Nashville, TN; mother, Martha Lundy, Clarksville, TN; sisters, Debra (Willie) Shavers, Mary (Isiah) Allen, Jaqueline (Otis) Wintson, all of Clarksville, TN; brothers, Walter (Debra) Lundy, Jr., Oklahoma, Donald Lundy, Ronald (Anniestine) Lundy, both of Virginia, Willie Lundy, Clarksville, TN, Mickey (Latisha) Lundy, Nashville, TN; five grandchildren, one great grandchild; a host of nieces, nephews, relatives and friends.

Foston Funeral Home, (931) 647-5451.



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Gay Creser ~ Class of 1972

Gay Creser ~ Class of 1972

Departed ~ 10/27/2010 ~ Cancer



I miss her dearly. Susan F. Molthen Class of 1972

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