Mrs. Irene Byers F-Faculty 1966-1969

Departed May 16, 1995~Cancer

Irene Byers was never my teacher, she was our neighbor Irene, Beckyís mom, and a teacher, but never my teacher. And, that was probably for the best. Irene was a very nice lady, the boys all liked her. She was attractive, well dressed, and very well spoken. Becky reminds me a lot of her mom.  I mostly remember her as being one of my Momís friends, and she did not have many. Irene and my mom had what I called the afternoon nap club. They would both have lunch by the Honeywell Court pool, accompanied by a big frosty Singha, and the would both sleep under the cabana.  She was also, like Becky, a great fashion follower; Take a look at the old photos and you will see that the most fashionably dressed was always Irene.

G. W. "Sandy" Ferguson 69'




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