Mr. J. E. Le Pallec ~ Faculty 1962-1965

Departed ~ 1965 ~ Details Unknown

From: Gary Earney


Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2008 4:46 PM
Subject: Some one to add to GBNF

Hi, this is Gary Earney, Class of 1965. I just joined the  I would like to add one of our long-ago professors--Mr. J. E. Le Pallec, who taught French II, III and IV at least for 1962-65. 
Mr. Le Pallec graduated from Anger University, in France, with a B.A.  I remember him as a wonderful French teacher during my 3 years at ISB, caring but demanding, and with a great sense of humor.  He had lived in Thailand for quite some years by then, and was fluent in Thai.  I remember him fondly.  He enriched my experience at ISB.  The other French teacher at the time was Madame Francoise Pundarik, who taught French I. 
After I graduated in 1965, I worked as a civilian for the US Navy in Bangkok, with the OICC/SEA office on Silom road.  During that time, Mr. Le Pallec died during some type of altercation at his home; the Bangkok World carried an extensive article on it at the time.  I remember sitting in High School Principal Shelton Marlow's office shortly thereafter, discussing with him and other students what could be done.  Although I lived in Bangkok for many months thereafter, leaving for college at Oregon State University's College of Forestry in June 1966, I was never able to discover more information about Mr. Le Pallec's passing. 
Thank you for adding Mr. Le Pallec to the GBNF listing.  I really appreciate your work, and David's, on this effort.  It brings closure to a lot of us who wonder over the years, whatever happened to....





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