Michael Noss 71'


Hear Michael sitting in on bass with The Still Remains at the Dallas Reunion 1996
Michael died this evening at 9:45pm.  I was with him, beginning another round of memories with his best friend Dave Elder and David Wilkerson, also from Bangkok days, and his sister Sarah, all of whom arrived in time to sit with him, and say goodbye, as his breathing became more labored.  It was clear that it was that strong Noss heart pounding a few more minutes on the planet, and then, a slower pace of breathing, and then, as peaceful a transition as could be given.  Just peaceful.

Wilkerson got a bottle of red wine from the car, we toasted our Michael. he cell phoned a few of the ISB (International School of Bangkok friends). I called Patrick, who is with his friends tonight.  My brother came with the file on the cremation policy. The friends and sister left, and I had some quiet time with this man who loved me, and was so damaged, and all the unmet dreams were left to also let go. 

Tomorrow begins the details of disengagement, calls and coordination, and moving Patrick to his new place. I think it is good for him to move forward as much as he still can within the other workings, which are mostly mine to handle.

A sweet and pure soul, a kind and non-judgmental ease, a life with a persistent tumor that impacted his ability to win against his demons, but in the end, cleared away everything but that gentle nature. 

I couldn't save him, I could only keep him safe, and that I did, it was our journey, he taught me much, and gave me the chance to be the parent of Patrick.

so begins another day, another step. 

Anne Noss

We have confirmed a Memorial Service at a nearby Methodist Church for 2pm on Saturday April 8th.  We will have tickets for the Baysox game that evening, 7pm with fireworks. there are good accommodations at the Comfort Inn across from the stadium, easy travel as you know to BWI.  Open house Fri-and between service and game time for those who would like to chill here. The memorial room is very open, lit, wooded lot, spacious and has a video screen.

But as you know, and Susan Sarandon said so well  in Bull Durham, Michael Also "Believed in the Church of Baseball"


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