Kevin Murphy Class of 1971

Departed 7-8-08~Heart Attack

I got a call from George Murphy about an hour ago. He said nobody had seen Kevin in a few days and he wasn't answering his phone. Brian drove out to his house and found him dead. Looks like natural causes at this point but the coroner has not even started his investigation yet.
Hideous news. I'll send more info when George calls back.

Mark Brandes 71'



    Just talked to George. The coroner said it was a heart attack. Kevin will be cremated later this week. George and Mrs. Murphy are doing OK. It's tougher yet on Brian. Keep them in your prayers. George is not sure whether they will have a service or not. 

 I'll let you know when I know.

Mark  Brandes 71'


This saddens me greatly.  I recall his gentle quiet nature.   We lived in the same apt complex in Bangkok. I recall Kevin and used to play Monopoly while cross legged on the floor listening to the latest records from the US.   We were all at an age in Thailand trying to find our way in a foreign land we called home.  He made me feel safe out on the streets of Bangkok when we all used to get crazy so late at night. It was fun reconnecting and seeing Kevin at our gatherings in the DC area. Kevin was so easy going, steady, kindhearted, a good listener, non judgmental and one that many can easily call a friend.  My heart is very heavy today and my thoughts are with his family.

Marianne Bremseth 71'


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