Sophomore Year 1969

Memorial Card

Senior Year 1971

Not Forgotten

what do you do when you learn, there's no hold hands.....sing life......till it's gone.......but not forgotten

what you do when your sad....... and heavy laden, you reach deep......and beyond......give love....till your gone....... but not forgotten

those who went before.......why aren't they remembered........they held our hands......and sang a song.......they lived their lives.....but now they're gone

not forgotten........not forgotten

find your light and turn it on shine it down on everyone

find your light and turn it on shine it down on everyone

find your light......................shine it down on everyone

Peter Frampton

find your light and turn it on shine it down on everyone

Jeff and Jane Lewis Williamsburg 2000

Bob Athearn 71' and Jebree' Phoenix 2002

Diane Curtis-Bull 72', Robyn Dawson-Flowers 72', Nancy Stone-Rollins 72' and Jebree'

Mark Brandes 71', Dave Wilkerson 71' and Bob Athearn 71'


Tribute to a Friend

by: David Wilkerson

I just arrived home from Branford, CT., where I attended Jeff “Kuhn Jebree” Lewis's Memorial Service. There were five of us from Jeff's extended ISB family in attendance, Bob Athearn, Mark Brandes, Diane Curtis-Bull, Deb Twing-Thomson and myself. It was of course a celebration of life but nonetheless a sad time as well.

Branford is a beautiful town just outside of New Heaven and the weather could not have been nicer. The flowers and trees were in full bloom, and the sun was shining with the temperature in the upper 60’s; it was a glorious day to pay tribute to our dearly departed friend.

Jeff had struggled with health problems over the past five years or so, but the unexpected and sudden departure last Monday afternoon came as shock to us all.

We met many of his local friends and of course his entire immediate family. In interacting with them we were able to share much of what we knew of Jeff and they with us. By all accounts he was loved by many and in talking with his closest friend and college roommate John Kingsbury, I learned that Jeff had talked of his ISB friends and experiences many times. In fact John said, "Dave I've heard all of your names so many, many times over the years. The stories of Thailand and ISB used to amaze me. Those first years in college, Jeff would go on and on with the stories of Thailand and ISB. I thought he would never stop and believe me he never did."

His brothers, Mark, Eric and Steve said, "When Jeff found out about the ISB Network and attended his first reunion, he came home bouncing off of the walls. He just went on and on about the reunion and the people he saw there. Jeff was always excited about the prospects of every reunion. We never could fully understand his feelings but now after seeing you guys come all the way up here to honor him, meeting and talking with you, we think we now understand his strong connection with all of you." 

 I think we all found comfort in Jeff’s uncle, Richard “Uncle Dick” Wiberg, a retired minister, whose stories of Jeff’s life mixed with the words of his faith were refreshingly appropriate.

 His niece, Josie Lewis spoke of her love for her Uncle Jeff, revealing his love for children and the patience and limitless time he gave to them all. Josie’s words were those of someone far beyond her years. 

His youngest cousin, David Wiberg, portrayed the yearly gatherings at the family cottage in New Hampshire. Jeff was the one who taught them all how to water ski and David took pride in being the last of the cousins that was taught to ski by Jeff. His words painted a very clear picture of who Jeff was. 

As per Jeff’s wishes he was cremated and the family has asked that donations be sent to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society-Greater CT. Chapter, 705 North Mountain Road, Suite G102, Newington, CT. 06111-1411.

His brothers, Mark, Eric and Steve; and his wife Jane, are all planning to attend the St. Petersburg reunion. We plan to toast his life at 12:00 Midnight on Friday, August 13th. I think it only appropriate that we do so on the beach, with bare feet in the sand.

There were many, many stories and anecdotes that were both funny and sad but unlike last week, the raining in my heart has slowed and the sun has begun to peek through the clouds.

To his sweet wife Jane, Jeff was blessed to have you and I feel very fortunate to call you my friend.

I hope all of you that were close to Jeff will find comfort in knowing that he loved his ISB friends and family but has gone on to greater rewards. 

Until we meet again, Sawaddi old friend.


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